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The sun’s out and the temperature is rising.  The summer hotspots are starting to get the first flurry of bakasyonistas after the holiday festivities and the first long weekend of 2012.  It can easily be said that summer’s very well on its way.

Trivia: Ray and I met on a surfing trip in La Union back in 2008. (Actually, we met at the Quezon Ave. McDonald’s branch at midnight before the trip and I was actually drunk tipsy back then. :P)

It’s just one of the many reasons we have to go back.  Most of the time, Ray surfs the waves while I live the life of a beach bum and surf the net. 😀  We also enjoy capturing moments on camera.  Here are some highlights from the several trips we’ve had.

Kids and beaches

There is something about sun, sand, and water that kids just love!

Expectant surfers

Hope springs eternal that the waves will come. 

Catching waves

Awesome waves and long rides by the pros.  The 4th to 8th photos are actually of Poks Esquivel, already known in the global surf world for his surfing prowess as a one-legged wonder especially in the water.

Missing waves

If you have good rides, you also have wipeouts – some spectacular, others just painful for the ego, but hey, that’s part of surfing! 😀

Good ‘ol beach bumming

Why not??? It’s the beach!  Stress is clearly not allowed.  The plan…is to not have a plan.  People watching is fun enough apart from soaking in the sun.  You see couples, different forms of shade – some structured, some makeshift,  and different kinds of surfers, – some pros and some beginners.

Surfer’s fare

Some nourishment available to recharge or unwind.

Awe-inspiring sunsets

A sunset on the beach is very hard to beat.


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  1. I love the trivia part. 🙂

    I haven’t been to La Union, but have been to Baler. Have you been to Baler? 🙂

    • lynne says:

      We haven’t been to Baler but we’ve been meaning to go. Especially now that LU is getting pretty popular, therefore sometime congested on long weekends. We just really need to know how to get to Baler. 🙂 How was it?

  2. Great photos!

    I was in San Juan, La Union last year to experience surfing and it was fun.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I added you in my blog roll. Hope you won’t mind. ;p

    • rftreyes says:

      Thanks 😀 ! Well we are still struggling to learn how to take some pics. The others are “tsamba” 😛

      Your blog is so rich in information for a backpacker across the Philippines. It is a reference for us now 😀

  3. Sumi says:

    I haven’t been to La Union yet, but I love the beach! 😀 We usually go to either Batangas or Laguna for some family beach fun. I’ve been to Zambales once and I like their beach too. Hope I get to see more water, sand and sun this summer. And learn how to surf na rin.. 🙂

    • lynne says:

      If you don’t want to travel far I hear Manila East in Taytay offers surfing lessons. They have a pool that simulates waves. We plan to try that out also. 🙂

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