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Variety and constant reinvention are the lifeblood of restaurants.  And Brotzeit Philippines is no newcomer in the scene.  Their latest offering? Sandwiches.




Right off the bat, I was drawn to The Hoff.  Cue in that Baywatch theme song (did we just reveal our age with this reference?) and watch as your server places this bacon-wrapped sausage creation in front of you. You might just want another.



Brotzeit’s Breadtime offers six loaded pretzel bun sandwiches, all playfully named after people who’ve played a part or continue to play a part in German history.  (Yeah, The Hoff is right up there with Angela and Beethoven.)

If you want something a bit lighter, you can try the Angela, a smoked salmon sandwich, or the Helmut, their shrimp sandwich.  Want some kick? Go for the Dirk, a spicy footlong currywurst  or the Beethoven, pulled pork spare ribs with some Jagermeister sauce! I was personally surprised with how much I enjoyed the Von Trapp, a Bavarian beans sausage sandwich topped with Gouda cheese, bell pepper, and onions. The toppings are actually a full meal in itself so proceed with caution before you finish off that perfect pretzel bun.



They even offer a D-I-Y Breadtime creation.  For just P290, you get your choice of sausage and condiments, a freshly baked pretzel bun, and potato wedges.

You can also go back to basics with their best-seller, The Reuben, a pastrami sandwich that no German restaurant should even try to mess up. Brotzeit makes sure to live up to the standards.

Who are you going to choose from Brotzeit’s Breadtime?


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