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Moron and Binagol of Leyte, Philippines

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After sorting through the rips of waves in Calicoan Surf Camp and charmed by the simple life of its host town, Guiuan, it’s back to Tacloban to hitch on the plane back to busy Manila. With only a few hours to spare, little token treats, or pasalubongs, was mandatory for Filipino culture.

A fellow food tripper who had roots in Leyte suggested to get two famous rice made desserts to bring back home. So the driver of The Surf Camp brought us to places to buy the stuff, and sealed shut, Manila-bound.

En Route Moron and Binakol of Leyte Philippines-6947

Quite surprisingly, the packaging seemed like a reminder of the way Londres and Pianono of Bauan, Batangas is packaged: in brown unsuspecting boxes. As a matter of fact, this one seemed to resemble the famous Filipino Balikbayan Box. And like Balikbayan Boxes, it holds goodies for people at home.

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Inside the box are the popular rice-made sweets named Moron and Binagol. Moron is pronounced like Morong, and Binagol is pronounced with a longer stress on the “a”. Moron is like the regular suman, but the rice is cooked in coconut milk and mixed with a bit of cocoa. Binagol is made of a root crop named Talyan, coconut milk and sugar. It is then molded into a coconut shell.
En Route Moron and Binakol of Leyte Philippines-6957
The Binagol is quite sweet with the distinct taste of the root crop. The Moron has the similar consistency of the suman and the cocoa enhances the taste (it’s hard to go wrong with chocolatey taste). Moron is so soft, that you can cut the small tube with a pair of scissors down the middle and just squeeze it out. You can go through a lot really quick.

En Route Moron and Binakol of Leyte Philippines-6932

It can easily be bought on the streets of Tacloban. Moron costs about PHP 200.00 for about 50 pieces and Binagol PHP 200.00 for six pieces. You get it in that carton box with holes pierced in them.
This is a must when visiting Tacloban City. Nothing beats enriching travels by assimilating yourself into the streets and marketplaces of the world.
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9 Comments to “Moron and Binagol of Leyte, Philippines”

  1. michy says:

    I miss Moron! My mom’s from Leyte and we always buy Moron and Binagol! :)

  2. oh my i wanna try these! <33

  3. [...] it is formed through pounded glutinous rice or some from of carbohydrate rich crop, much like the Moron and Binagol of Leyte and the Bud-bod Kabog of [...]

  4. analyn trinidad says:

    where can i order chocolate moron from Tacloban, can I get contact information and contact numbers.


    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. We currently do not have any specific contact information on the sellers of the chocolate moron. This is really more of a review of the said delicacy.

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