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The Quest for A Legend Remy Martin Louis XIII Philippines-1812

It all started with a simple phone call. Christophe Bourrie, Remy Martin’s ambassador for the Southeast Asian region, was making his rounds and discovering how some clients in the area have stored the precious Louis XIII cognacs as long as the 1940’s. It then gave him the thought that there might be someone out there […]

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Remy Martin Louis XIII Resorts World Philippines-8089

Yes. It seemed surreal. This was shaping up to be something similar to that 650 Euro dinner at L’Astrance. A cognac that is out there in the market that has the value of rare gems. The bottle itself that is made from bespoke crystal makes up a fifth of its value, each bottle in itself […]

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L'Astrance Michelin Restaurant Rue Beethoven Paris France_130411-thumbnail

Very few can say they walked into a 3-star Michelin Restaurant in Paris and one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Well, we can. Here’s our experience at L’Astrance, the best dinner we’ve ever had.

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Bar La Vue Paris France-5002

It is mandatory to view Paris, this beloved city of lights, from a perspective that just takes your breath away. It is not going to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower, as to view Paris means you have to have the Eiffel Tower in your view too. It won’t be a view of […]

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Cover Photo Parisian Dreams Coming True-54

Some dream of fancy cars, diamond rings, and job promotions. Mine was a plane ticket wrapped in “bonjour, madame”, drizzled with “s’il vous plaît”, and signed with “je t’aime.” So now that we’ve gone and back, it begs the question, “How was Paris?”

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Notre Dame Cathderal Paris France-4944

This can classify under many categories such as Good Heart vs. Good Judgement, Tourist Dumbness, or that ever cliche “Charge to Experience”. Yet, amusing stories like these will never happen if you took the tourist bus with all the other tours instead of figuring stuff out on your own. And yes, it’s just one Euro, but […]

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Ray: Currently in the airport now heading to Barcelona instead of the planned overnight Elipsos train and staring at a broken complimentary PS3 kiosk. How come? Well this is how it went: I decided to research in the internet about overnight trains since it will be an interesting and relaxing experience while seeing the countryside. […]

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En Route Postcard - Paris Cafe

Ray: Currently at Harmonie Cafe. TripAdvisor said this would be one of the best stops in the 10th Arrondisement. They are absolutely right. Countless movies have made Parisian cafes the setting for a budding romance (or that into its wilting stages). It is a charming, quaint, usually family-run place where every nook and cranny is […]

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Lynne: Day 2 and 3 in Paris have been very rainy. While we get windows of sunshine every now and then, the streets have been puddled up and a mist of rain comes with the strong (and cold!) wind. It’s a very weird weather. One minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny, and the minute […]

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Bienvenue! Lynne: The nights are nippy, maybe a few degrees warmer than Amsterdam,  but despite the cold, it’s when the sun goes down that a different side of Paris comes alive. The Eiffel Tower is fully lit and it sparkles for five minutes every hour! We found a spot from across it on Pont de […]

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Laduree Macaron from Paris France Cover

This was given as a gift by a friend who shares the same enthusiasm of the dreams of this blog reaching the shores of France.   Laduree is actually a French brand of luxury pastries, but they are known also for making some of the best macarons in the world. There are outlets already in […]

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Screen shot 2010-12-21 at 10.50.15 AM

This is it!  Here’s my chance!  Please help me get to my dream destinations courtesy of KLM! Go to myeuropeandream by clicking the link and simply look for my entry.  The title is “One Foot In Front of the Other” by lovelynne23. Please like my entry and tell your friends to like it too! This means […]

Image c/o http://blog.hotelclub.com/top-10-international-cuisine/

Apart from trying to learn the language, what better way to find out about France than through it’s food? How exactly do you describe what the French eat? Is it signature food? :P


I can imagine it must be hard, whether it’s the guy or the girl, to be in a relationship and have to share your partner with the rest of the world. Here, you see Yvan struggle with the pangs of jealousy and insecurity over the attention and the special favors that his wife, Charlotte, receives. […]

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Photo courtesy of www.northern.edu/.../Eiffel_Tower2.jpg

I’ve been thinking of putting up this blog for the longest time.  Given so many things that catch my fancy depending on the mood I’m in, I wanted enough latitude to be able to talk about any of them. Let me start with the title, en route.  It’s a common enough phrase.  And it’s in […]

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