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I have a word I always use: interesting.  Because that’s how life is and that’s why I love it.

I consider myself very lucky and very blessed to be where I am right now.  But I also give myself a pat on the back because I feel the year has been more fruitful because I was more open to so many things.

Here, I share with you some of the highlights.  I divided them into key parts: FOOD, PLACES, MILESTONES, TO-DOs, and EXPERIENCES.

FOOD: Because I have a natural love for it and like trying new food.  These are some of the new places I’ve tried this past year.

1. MR. JONES provides great comfort food in BIG servings.

2. LEMURIA: Fine-dining mixed with the charm of personal dining restaurants.

3. DUO: A good call we made on a hunger-filled Friday night.  I loved the risotto!

4. MALCOLM’S: Because I love burgers and their Wagyu burger is good.

5. BINONDO: Tried Tasty Dumplings’ Pork Chop Rice and Ongpin Mañosa’s Maki Mi.  And a little way off Binondo was Ma Mon Luk – my first time there. 🙂

6. CALDA PIZZA: This giant pizza won’t disappoint.  It made our guests of about 30 on two separate occasions quite happy.

7. JADE PALACE: When it’s raining and the traffic is bad, their Fung Shing dumpling noodles is a good default to wait the traffic and weather out.

8. TANY’S FRIED CHICKEN: Crispy, tasty fried chicken!

9. JOHANNA’S GRILLE: I cannot, cannot get over how good their spare ribs are!  Great value-for-money too!  They’ve expanded already but we foresee this restaurant still going a long way.

Johanna’s Platter!

PLACES:  A mix of new and old travel highlights, since the places you see help broaden how you see the world and how you appreciate things and I do have a personal love for some.

10. HONG KONG: It was my first time in HK and I tried to enjoy all the back-and-forth runs to get to all the different must-see places in a span of 3 days.  It was shopping, eating, and drinking.  Not to mention walking!  We tried the Rainbow Restaurant after a ferry ride and The Pawn for drinks for an officemate’s despedida.

The view from my hotel room in HK

11. H&M: Here, I went wild. 😀

12. HONG KONG DISNEYLAND: I like feeling kiddie.  The Astro Blasters were fun.  And I felt teary-eyed and sentimental watching the fireworks display.

13. BEACHES: I love the beach and will never tire of going back.  If I could have it my way, I’d like to live on the beachfront.  This year, I celebrated an anniversary in Laiya, enjoyed a really relaxed vacation in Boracay, had a laughtrip spoof photoshoot in Barangay Sampaguita also somewhere in Batangas, and re-visited the beaches of Panglao in Bohol.

MILESTONES: Events in my life this past year that have been important for me or account for some level of achievement.

14. 6TH YEAR: 6 years is just a lot of years when you think of it, especially in this industry.

15. LOTTERY TVC: My part was minor but I’m proud to have helped in making this TVC possible.  It was a film finalist this year in Cannes!

16. MAE and MUSHIE’s WEDDINGS: two good friends have found their partners in life.  I was happy I was there to share the moment with them.

TO-DOs: Because I believe we should set realistic goals.  We have big ones and then we have small ones underneath that can count as steps towards the bigger dream.

17. BPI MAXI-SAVER: It’s kinda funny because it’s just simply opening another account for savings.  It’s just that BPI’s maxi-saver has a higher interest than your normal savings account.  But, next stop, need to learn the stocks.

18. BLOG: I started this blog last June 21 and I’m kinda enjoying putting together different articles.  Some entries are greater hits than others, which is fine.  As long as I get to share and especially recommend the great places I’ve been to.

19. FRENCH 2: I’ve been attempting to learn French.  This began last year and I took the 2nd course this year.  I really want to learn this because I’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language.  On y va!

20. RUNNING: This is seriously something I should go back to both for health…and weight reasons. 😛  Did nights with my running partner around Bonifacio High Street for several weeks in preparation for our Boracay trip.

21. PEP: Remember the mint plant I gave as a gift?  He has grown more sprouts.  We have been getting more and more addicted to the idea of growing things.  I’ve been told it can be therapeutic.

EXPERIENCES: Things you encounter and go through whether on vacation or when you’re simply out with friends.

22. GO-SEE: This is funny.  I got nervous for this. It was for a hair ad and I had unfortunately just cut my hair.  Oh well, there was nothing to lose. 😛

23. AMBER ULTRA LOUNGE for AUTOINDUSTRIYA: A weekly bar trip to unwind, which culminated in AI’s anniversary celebration.  Saw the coolest (and some of the most expensive) cars.  Was able to spend several nights with different groups of friends.  Gained some new ones also.

24. QUIZ NIGHT: Really challenging stuff! Every Tuesday night at 121 Bar and Grille in Allegro Center Pasong Tamo Extension.

25. GO-KART RIDE:  The only ride I was able to take in Enchanted Kingdom (oh, apart from the Log Jam :D).

26. FIREFLY WATCHING: I was anxious because it was pitch black, the water was so black (and I was watching Swamp Monsters earlier and I am not a good swimmer…) but seeing the trees light up along the banks of Loboc river was still a marvelous experience.

27. DOLPHIN WATCHING: I love dolphins.  Did this in Bohol also.

28. ZIPLINE: An exhilarating and breathtaking flight across a the span of a river in Loboc!

Looking forward to another year ahead. Cheers!

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  1. rowena marie says:

    i have been browsing thru internet using my newly purchased netbook and i got into this site. i’m a native of bohol and been living here since birth. thanks for the nice things you’ve shared about my beloved Bohol.

    i’ve been to Manila for my review class and work in Cebu for 5 years but decided to go back to Bohol for good. there’s no exact word to explain why for me Bohol is very different from other place. i just feel safe walking around as if i know all the people in here. but sad to say, that bad elements in the society are now in Bohol.

    i enjoy reading your blogs and how i wish i could do what you have did. maybe i would start now my island hopping here in the Philippine. with regards to the beauty of Bohol i have always visit all those beaches and tourist spots. i’m not that brave enough to take the plunge at the zip line. too bad for me 🙁

    i would love to hear more from your adventures because it adds up to my thoughts and ideas in roaming around to places..

    more power to you!!

    • lynneenroute says:

      Hi Rowena,

      I’m glad you liked what I wrote about Bohol. And thanks for reading through my blog! 🙂 I honestly am a big fan of Bohol. It helps that I have a good friend in Tagbilaran so there is always a reason to keep going back.

      I think it’s nice that you want to start doing some exploration on your own. If you feel you’re not up for too much adventure yet, try exploring somewhere near. I started off that way. And even up to now, I still see Manila as a very rich source of things to learn. Cebu is also on my list.

      Thanks again and good luck!

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