My Top 29 Lessons for my 29th Birthday

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Last year, I gave you 28 new things and experiences I had.

This year, I felt it would be good to get more personal again and share with you lessons that I think people should know and lessons that I myself have had to learn.

1. Put God in whatever you do. Never forget to thank Him for the opportunities He has given.  And don’t hesitate to call on Him for guidance and strength at all times.

2. Family is everything.  They’re the ones you can count on at any time.  They’ve loved you and put up with you all the years of your life so you should hold them dear to your heart.

3. Don’t ever stop learning.  Read, take up a new hobby, have a debate about something with other people to broaden your perspective about a topic.

4. If you want other people to respect your opinion, be ready to respect theirs.  And accept the fact that not everyone will agree with you.

5. Accept it if you’re wrong.  It happens.  Move on.

6. Learn to say sorry if you’re in the wrong.  It feels good after. (Only works if you’re sincere about it!)

7. But you shouldn’t have to apologize if you really didn’t do anything wrong.

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8. “Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda.  And usually the suffering is your own.  So learn to forgive also.

9.When everything is a priority, chances are, nothing is.  Learn to prioritize better.

10. The worst commitments you break are the ones you’ve made with yourself.  Let me make this sound more familiar.  How many times have you told yourself to skip eating rice? Or to do some exercise?  That little voice nagging in your head is easily vanquished by doing something to get to where you want to be.

11. Don’t bring home work.  While I am guilty of this, we should all try to clear work from our minds once we go home, especially when we go into the weekend.

12. Time has a more compounding effect than value.  I learned this in the context of investment. Goes hand-in-hand with learning (and teaching) the value of money early on in life.


13. As much as possible, pay your credit card bills in full.  A credit card does not equal to real money.  Before you swipe, think if you have the money to spend on whatever it is.  If not, think twice. It’s so much easier to be debt-free.

14. Do what you’re passionate about.  If you can’t do it for a living, indulge in it once in a while. One of my passions is travel so I try to make little trips here and there every now and then. My other passion is writing, which is why I began this blog and I still read up on how to write well whenever I can.  It’s a way to feed your soul.

15. One of the worst places you could be in is to be stuck.

16. Be open to trying new things.  Scared?  Start small.

17. It takes people about 2 days to feel that they’re on vacation.  So next time you plan that holiday, have some allowance.  That’s why my trips are usually at least four days long.

18. Tuesday is the least significant day of the week.  Monday marks the start of work and school.  Wednesday is a halfway mark.  Thursday’s the day before Friday and Friday marks the start of the weekend!  Tuesday is…hmmm, just blah compared to those.

19. Water is good for the body!  We all need to drink more of it.

20. Alcohol is also good for the system. Whether it be for social, merriment or gastronomic reasons.  But all in moderation.

21. Never have a hair cut or any drastic hair treatment when you’re emotional.  The effects are usually hard to reverse.  And remorse is a b!+ch to live with.  You don’t want to wake up and say, “OMG, my hair is red!” Or something like that.

22. Red means stop. Green means go.  Yellow doesn’t mean go faster.

23. If you want to remember your dreams, try to jot them down as soon as you wake up – yes, that almost-still-asleep state  is best like you’re still half in the dream.  I’ve done this and my dreams range from the scariest to the weirdest to the funniest.  It’s just something interesting to do.  Who knows? You might even uncover something from your subconscious.

24. Unlike what I grew up believing that every place is just 30 minutes away, there are simply too many buses and jeeps – not to mention all those excavations – on the road.  It’s practical to allot 1.5 – 2 hours for travel especially within Metro Manila.  Sad, but true.  We need more efficient means of transportation here.  Like a teleporter. 😀  Or, we just lessen the number of buses and jeeps on the road. Take your pick.

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25. When you change, the world changes.  So it starts with you.  Don’t expect the world to revolve around you to suit your whims.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective.

26. Be complete on your own.  Be self-sufficient. Be whole emotionally. Be able to make yourself happy. At least you know you can share yourself with other people without feeling that you owe yourself something.

27. You can’t be perfect.  But you can make perfect the imperfect reality that you have.

28. Be thankful for life. For everything.  It can only make you better.

29. Realize what a positive force you can be.  After all, one makes all the difference.

I leave you with something inspiring from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Here’s one of my favorite songs, “Man in the Mirror.”

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