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En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Wall

Ever since 2010, there have been numerous raves about a the Korean style of cooking fried chicken in the Philippines. The recipe is appetizing to hear: twice fried chicken and hand painted with a soy-garlic sauce in different levels of spiciness. It all the more escalated with the arrival of a popular brand Bon Chon Chicken in Manila.

Since then a few branches have opened and with the launching of their Acropolis, Libis, Quezon City branch, itΒ  provided an opportunity to finally see what it’s all about.


En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Dining Area

Interior feels like your typical fastfood with bright colors and sharp angles. The walls are adorned with framed quotes from famous articles about the chicken.

En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Article 02En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Article 01

En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Chicken WingsThey also offer other things like fish , but it’s the chicken that brings people here. The most popular single-serve meal is three chicken wings with rice and small drink for PHP 135.00. You can pick either the mild soy or the spicy, or a combination of both. More expensive than the usual fastfood chicken meal.

Bon Chon Chicken looks nicely colored gold and then painted with a faint orange color, like buffalo wings. Upon biting, the chicken is very crispy yet the tenderness and juiciness is intact. The soy garlic taste will satisfy most people. The spicy may be a bit too much for most, though. A mix of both is the perfect balance.

Anyone can get carried away in eating more than just three since it leaves a satisfying crunch with every bite, so you can order in bulk. It goes best with beer so Bon Chon Chicken offers it in their menu also.

Bon Chon Chicken competes with other similar cooking of chicken or buffalo wings like the local favorite Manang’s Chicken of Mercato Centrale or that of Mr. Kiochon chicken of Midnight Mercato. Manang’s Chicken has a crunchier bite with sweeter sauce. Bon Chon Chicken on the other hand has a more tender meat with a delicate soy flavor. Bon Chon Chicken costs more as well, probably due to being a franchise with a price placed on being a more premium brand.

Whatever your preference, the introduction of Bon Chon Chicken to the Philippines redounds to the benefit of the food craving public.

En Route Chicken Bon Chon Manila Philippines Outdoor Sign

This is their menu as of June 2011, coming from their Facebook fan page. Click here to join.

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