Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll

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During one get together, a good friend mentioned that there is this brand of home-made, non commercialized ensaymada and cheese rolls that just need to be ordered as a small treat once in a while. It comes from Pampanga so it needed some advanced booking if ever you wanted to get a piece of it. Friends said that it was well worth the trouble. If our experience with Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake and Mr. Delicious’ Humongous Slab of Wagyu Corned Beef was to be a precedent, it is definitely in home-made food recipes where you will enjoy some of the greatest meals for your discerning palate.

And so, with one pickup from a set location, we have here Homemade Treasures Ensaymada and Cheese Rolls.

Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines-6515

It seems that the pride for this is a 1930’s recipe that has been consistently churned out over the years. It is a simple ensaymada of choice flour, sugar, and butter. But one thing was evident: loads of grated queso de bola cheese on top…

… and then more sugar!

Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines-6524

The texture is a fluffy, easy to chew consistency. The bread is good as it is, but partnering it with the taste of the sugar and queso de bola makes it one great delicacy.

Now the cheese roll. That’s something to write home about. If not for the freshly baked experience and great dough consistency, it will definitely be for the slab of cheese underneath the pastry. No sparing of ingredients here. This is the cheese roll that, quite literally and generously, puts the cheese in the roll.

Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines-6520

If you can’t savor the cheese on this, time to schedule an appointment with your doctor to have your taste buds checked.

How timely that this is coming out this time of the rainy season. Should be part of your rainy day comfort food essentials. Imagine this with a nice cup of hot chocolate where you can dip that delicious ensaymada or cheese rolls. Then slowly chew it to savor the chocolatey, sweet, salty, cheesy combination whisking you away to fond memories as you watch the rain tricklw down the windows.

Yes. Good times.

The price of these are on the high side. Good ingredients don’t come cheap nowadays:

  • Box of 12 – PHP 1200.00

  • Box of 6   – PHP  600.00

  • Box of 4 – PHP 420.00

Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines-6516Homemade Treasures can be reached through the following numbers:

+63928-507-0928 ; +6345-323-4149

These are made to order so about one week’s notice is required. By pick-up only.

I. For Pampanga Clients: Homemade Treasures – Porac, Pampanga.
II. For Manila Clients: Every Friday depending on schedule.
1. Makati Area : Focaccia Restaurant – Ground Floor, A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
2. Ortigas/Pasig Area : Astoria Plaza, Ortigas

*Goods maybe delivered to your doorstep thru LBC for Manila, Luzon and Vizmin clients. Give them a call to get more information. Guess what? They have more than just ensaymada and cheese rolls, too!

Check out their Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/homemadetreas


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