The Fresh Gifts of the Land at Earth Kitchen

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This has got to be one of the more pleasant finds form the past few weeks.

Seeing Earth Kitchen in the White Plains area of Katipunan, you will think that it is a haven for the green loving, meat-repulsive friends of the community that normally go by the name of vegans. I mean, lookat it from outside:

Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7905

Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7885

Fresh, lush greenery, rustic interiors, not even a slight indication or scent of searing protein.

Very glad that the internet was there and a few friends have posted that they had a great time dining here. So off it is one evening.

And it is pretty much filled with people enjoying their food and loving the mellow and back-to-nature feel of the place. It actually feels like a rural Filipino interpretation of Basil Thai Cuisine, which is at the other end of the road near White Plains Avenue.

And reading the story on the menu reveals the philosophy of the whole place: Farm-to-Fork.


Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7891Farm-to-fork concepts are basically efforts of chefs and restaurant owners to transact directly with farmers of their country, learning their methods and ensuring that the ingredients are of quality, usually those that use more sustainable methods of farming. Earth Kitchen specifically showcases the produce from its sister store Got Heart, located right beside it (great ingredients for your culinary adventures at home!).

All this executed by the renowned Hizon’s Catering

So where to start off this refreshing journey? With a pitcher of dalandan juice.

The beauty of ripe dalandan is that it has an innate sweetness that you will rarely need sugar to make it more palatable, it is a great palate cleanser, too!

Not that you will need it in the entrees here in Earth Kitchen. All of them feel well balanced and, even for their meat dishes, just the right amount of flavors to make eating it guilt-free.

Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7895 Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7903

As guilt-free as their salad of some edible flowers, arugula and goat cheese in a balsamic dressing . The dressing went a bit overboard on the sour note, but nothing a little complementing Ragu Pasta can’t fix. The items are for sharing that even these two dishes can feed three people already, and since it is high fiber dishes, they can get very filling.

But save some for the entrees. For this night, it was unusual to find a Persian Kebab (you can get it in chicken or beef, and either have pita bread or organic rice) in their menu. But it is worth a try….

Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7898


Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7897

…. and it did not disappoint.

One thing great with the dishes in Earth Kitchen is that they stick to the most basic of seasonings for a dish that eating them doesn’t feel like a burden to the stomach, even if it does feel like a large, hearty meal .Could it be the “organic” nature of the produce? Or is it all in the head? Either way, you leave happy.

Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7890

And not only do you leave happy, you leave wanting to go back, to taste more of the homey flavors, all the while supporting local farmers in the process. You’ve got to root for them, especially for the ones of Earth Kitchen. You just feel like being a better person every bite you take.


Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7887Earth Kitchen is located at Katipunan Avenue Extension, White Plains, Quezon City.

Tel. Nos. +63917-584-3278; +632-961-0572; +632-577-9138

Learn more about Earth Kitchen at their Facebook Page


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