Tanie’s Carenderia (Bohol) – How homecooked, native fried chicken should be

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Of all the hole in the walls I’ve tried, this is surely part of the top 5.  Who would think something so unpretentious could be home to really tasty fried chicken?

I found out that people, both locals of Bohol and tourists alike, really go all the way out to the town of Carmen to eat here.  Nowhere else in Bohol will you taste Tanie’s fried chicken.  It’s so good that some even bring them back home to Manila.

It’s best enjoyed with a nice cold beer or soda.  I’m sure it’s affordable (like almost all the food in Bohol).  We got treated for this so I wasn’t able to get the price.

If you happen to be in Bohol, it’s a recommended place to go to with your companions.  But the chatting with each other over the meal can wait.  You’ll be too busy eating.  Trust me.

Pick out the parts or pieces that you like

Before being cooked…next time you see each other, it will be crispy fried. 🙂

Hello fried chicken!

There were 5 of us and we had 3 plates of this size. How much chicken was that?

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