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En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5853You would think the people behind En Route would have their taste buds soaked in so much milk tea that it’s becoming sickening. Well there’s still more to try! (Yes. That means there will be more milk tea reviews soon!).

So here’s another one that at first glance, seems like there must have been a mistake in the grammar. But there you have it, straight from Hong Kong and it really is spelled that way.

Saint’s Alp is apparently a Hong Kong based brand selling the Taiwanese tea house and milk tea concepts. It’s pretty much like Ersao that sells food with their tea drinks.

En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5852

It does seem more like a cafe. The feel of the environment is that it invites you to stay more than just for their tea drinks. As a matter of fact, they do have pastas and sandwiches in their menu.

However since this was after dinner and the sweet tooth was aching, it had to be soothed with a cool, refreshing iced milk tea 🙂

En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5858First two up for sampling was their Black Tea with Milk and Coconut Black Milk Tea. Hard to tell the difference between the two in terms of color but the unmistakable taste of coconut is apparent once sipped.

As for the black milk tea, it becomes hard to distinguish it from the other milk teas in the market, but the pearls are chewier and milk taste is on the creamy side. You cannot go wrong with these two.


En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5859

En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5860


This other one had the group quite perplexed with its flavor and texture. This is a Sesame Black Milk Tea. It has a texture of grinded seeds mixed in. And since it is sesame seeds in particular, it tastes very much like the topping used in the Filipino delicacy palitaw. In hindsight, it does taste like a liquid version of it 😛

En Route Saint's Alp Tea House Philippines IMG_5855

While it may seem like there is a saturation point in the milk tea market, The value that Saint’s Alp brings is for people to hang out and complement their milk tea with their food menu. There should be a few stores around metro Manila. This one, in particular, was in Katipunan Ave. There should be one within the Fort Bonifacio area. Try it out and share 😀 !

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  1. Sumi says:

    I haven’t tried this yet.. But I have heard good things about Saint’s Alp already.. 🙂 Kailangan ko na talagang pumunta ng Katipunan! hahaha.. XD

  2. Tim says:

    For awhile there, I thought that there is finally a milk tea place near high street. Seems this is almost in the same area as Serenitea, which is very out of the way. Sigh.

    Great blog, by the way! ^_^

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