Postcard from a “Coffeeshop” in Amsterdam

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Ray: Ok so we just went through the mandatory visit to the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Compared to the stories of what you might expect given that almost every man and woman in Amsterdam seems to look like modelesque in material, what we just saw were more “veterans” of the trade.

Maybe it was the time of the day and that some of the windows where girls stand to offer a schoolboy peep are still closed. Maybe also because it was a Monday so business is slow and the more desirable looking ones come out at night. Either way, Love Lynne seems secure after what we just saw.

Oh ,and sorry. No pictures. Pictures are not allowed, and based on what we saw, I believe it is something you don’t want to see, either. Unless you want to blame me for ruining your day.

In an effort to “un-see” it we have decided to enter one of the main “coffeeshops” of Amsterdam to try out a joint. So coffee shops and “coffeeshops” (note the lack of spaces) are very different and you can distinguish them through a sticker with green and white in the front.

We ended up in Basjoe Coffeeshop, where the people were very friendly and even advised us to try out the light varieties first. Given we do not even smoke, this was one for the books.

Lighting it up and taking a whiff, so far nothing seems to have changed our state of consciousness. Maybe we were
meant to try something stronger, or maybe we should have just gotten our own roll and not have shared. Either way, I think it is a good enterprise as no customer leaves unhappy.

So mom, if you are reading this, I have seen that this might be a good place for us to settle in case Manila doesn’t work out for us; either selling joints or coming out with a gimmick of tea leaf reading on the streets for people too stoned for their own good.

Dad, if you are reading this, I am just kidding.

Lynne: I kinda feel sorry for Ray. I have to admit, the idea of walking along windows bearing scantily-clad women while I was all wrapped up and frumpy in my layers called for a lot of security and self-esteem. Especially after seeing so many of them tall, willowy blondes and brunettes on the street. After going through Amsterdam’s red light district, I feel taller and thinner already.

It was slim pickings. And I don’t mean slim literally. (Sorry!)

The red light district was more an accidental discovery because what we really set out for was a brewery and a coffee shop. The coffee shop was a mandatory part of the trip. At least once in our lives, we’d smoke a joint. Maybe my reiteration of the fact that we are clueless about what we will do made the guy more cautious so he gave us the mild stuff. They really explain it to you though. Or maybe he saw the curiosity in our eyes and decided to indulge us. He let us sniff different varieties and offered us options like a space cake or an actual-rolled joint.

I honestly don’t know what was suposed to happen. I mean, we’ve heard stories but what are you supposed to feel? Do you get all tingly or just really hungry?

I wanted a hotdog sandwich and the softdrink we drank was the best-tasting one I’ve had. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen.

Or maybe we just didn’t smoke it right. Doesn’t matter. It’s all cool.

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  1. Monica says:

    try it again! a stronger one maybe!:)

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