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Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2508

It is recommended that you visit before everyone else finds out about this place.

The Gilarmi Lounge is one of the establishments that the Discovery Primea has launched this year (First one was the fantastic Tapenade Mediterranean themed restaurant).

Paying tribute to the landmark Gilarmi Apartment that used to tower the Ayala Avenue in the old days, the Gilarmi Lounge brings back the nostalgia of how it felt to have one of the most prestigious addresses in town.

And it is all about subtle classiness.


Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-8851


Its limited seating ensures intimacy and exclusivity. The pianist in the corner fills the air with melodic renditions of contemporary songs that soothes your senses. The semi-permeable blinds just give a hint of the Ayala avenue traffic that you have just avoided by deciding to stay and enjoy a drink or three.

And it is a moment best enjoyed with their selection of food and cocktails.




At the helm of the Discovery group’s culinary efforts is Chef Luis Chikiamco, twisting classic favorites to something original for Discovery Primea. And to have the right pairing of cocktails, Lee Watson of the secretive bar ABV has brought his knowledge of the tipple to match the chef’s grub.



By chef’s twists, we are talking about items such as Pinoy Rockefeller Oysters. Oysters from a very exclusive purveyor from the Philippine province of Aklan is baked with creamed water spinach, hollandaise and shrededd edam cheese.

Cocktail pairing: Guyabano Tarragon

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2477


More from the sea and loving it more raw? A Marlin Fillet Turned Filipino Ceviche style is absolutely refreshing with the coconut vinegar, giving it a sligth sweetness to mellow the usually sour vinegar taste.

Cocktail pairing: Riviera Fizz

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-8850


Another tribute to the classic Filipino bar chow Sisig where its origins of being first served at a railway in Pampanga as the widely accepted story: Sisig sa Riles. This one is added with crispy pork cracklings, and can vary with a fried quail egg or a carefully sous vide egg to envelop it in creamy deliciousness.

Cocktail pairing: Tropical Gin Fizz

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2495


Skewered and grilled, the Tuna Brochettes are the first finger foods that has to be tried, with their secret marinade that does not mask the tuna’s characteristic taste, but makes it shine even more, especially when skewered with roasted peppers.

Cocktail pairing: Cilantro Sour (This cocktail was by far, the favorite of the whole lounge. Who knew a single malt shot will work well into a Whisky Sour concoction once an herbal twist of cilantro is added into the mix?)

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2491


And another tribute to a landmark of Manila: Binondo Cua Pao. Pork Belly is slowly cooked to get the flavors through and through.

Cocktail pairing: Cherry Blossom

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2490


And last but not least, a spin off the Visayan Chicken Inasal. By using only chicken wings, the flavors are more intense, all the while ensuring the portions are great for cocktails.

Cocktail pairing: Blue Caipirinha

Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2499


Gilarmi Lounge Discovery Primea Makati Philippines-2509

As an end-of-the-day respite from the busy financial center of the country, the Gilarmi Lounge becomes the portal where your day transitions from the fast paced hours into the mellowed evening. It really is difficult to leave your seat once you are settled in with your choice of drink and chow. And really, once you’re settled in, who wants to head home?

The Gilarmi Lounge is located at the Ground Floor of Discovery Primea,

6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Phillippines

Tel. Nos. +632-995-8888



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