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Mr. Rockefeller in Greenbelt 3, Makati City has been around for quite some time, and it does draw its fair share of the crowd. With its selection of various cookings of oysters (including fresh uncooked ones) and complimented by an array of appetizers, main courses, and original cocktails and wine, there is always something to try here.

Plus one of the best known secrets of Mr. Rockefeller is that it has free Wi-Fi with respectable bandwidth. There was one instance where kids were playing World of Warcraft without any lag and it didn’t inconvenience other guests using the internet.

Its old theme of looking like you’re inside a coal mine strangely filled with oysters on the walls was unique and novel, but guests would probably want to kick back and relax in a more refined looking abode.

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Interior 03


So discovering that Mr. Rockefeller totally renovated their entire ambiance with some additions to their menu was enough to get some people coming back to take a gander, particularly expats familiar with this new setting. Check the pictures out and you will figure out why:

Gone are the mineshaft looking walls, replaced with dark wood chairs and leather padded booths, accentuated by decorative floor tiles. The dark leather couch with a big baggage trunk as a coffee table makes for an excellent conversation piece. Sitting on it does give a sense of sophistication like you are in the midst of the American oil magnates of old. The bar is now more appealing with the new TV screen for entertainment.

From the tacky coal mines, Mr. Rockefeller now looks like the swanky old cigar rooms mixed with modern casual accents



En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Interior 01En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Interior 02

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati CosmopolitanOnce you’re settled down, grab some of their cocktails or beers to start your dinner. Their cosmopolitan may seem different with ice included in the drink, but it is still as sweet, tangy and chic as the regular recipe.

Order their cheesy puffs to go with your drink. This is one of their best selling appetizers. Get it in pieces of 8, 12 or 16. On previous visits, we have tried their buffalo wings as well. Very zesty and spicy. Perfect match with beer.

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Cheese Puffs

Mr. Rockefeller has a good variety of seafood and meat. If you cannot decide which, get one of their Surf and Turf Combinations. It’s similar to some the combinations of Duo in Serendra.

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Steak and Marlin

Up on the plate was their steak and marlin, with some steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. The steak was cooked medium. The outside was a little scorched, though, but once you’re past that, the meat is succulently flavorful. The marlin is tender with little fishy aftertaste. If you still prefer less fishiness, a slice of lime comes with the meal.

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati Bacon and Cheese Burger

Feeling like getting something lighter? Mr. Rockefeller offers salads, pasta, sandwiches and burgers. Their burgers are quite ok. The fries that came along with it are not too starchy also. Sample the others and let us know.

And like the old Mr. Rockefeller, they still have their Free Wi-Fi!

En Route Mr. Rockefeller Greenbelt Makati New Look

Overall the new look incredibly enhances the dining experience, and the constant inflow of diners show it. Once again, it is refreshing to rediscover something forgotten, realizing that it does offer the same great things as before.

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  1. RichieZ says:

    oooh nice! they re-opened na pala! Although I don’t oysters (cuz I think they look like giant boogers), I’ve been wanting to go back for one of my fave dishes!

    • lynne says:

      Yup, they reopened! This is our default Greenbelt resto. The free wi-fi doesn’t hurt too! We always order the cheese balls. What’s your favorite pick here?

  2. RichieZ says:

    The Alaskan Fillet with the Garlic pasta.. One of my favorite Fish dishes EVER!

  3. Michael soon says:

    I am here now. Really slow service. 40 mins has passed and salad, oyster and BBQ is still not here. Mongols has arrived yet.

    Ruined a perfect day. 🙁
    I know they’re on trial but hey, cmon…

  4. Michael soon says:

    Not trial, soft opening I mean…. Im hungry!!!!


  5. Michael soon says:

    Aarrrghhhh really slow service. :(. 45 mins and a salad and a freakin oyster can’t come to out table. Even freakin beer is 45 mins late.

    This time, mr Rockefeller failed me.

    Sorry to flood this. I’m just really sad… Wifi is the only thing the keeps me busy otherwise I could have walked out already. I wanted to. My gf wouldn’t let me.

    • rftreyes says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience. We have been dining there for countless times and never experienced a hitch. Looking at other reviews it seems like the service is a hit and miss for a select few also. Hopefully they get to sort this out

  6. […] that some have actually had bad cases of slow cooking or bad food as per the comments in the old Mr. Rockefeller article. One was even commenting every ten minutes while waiting for the food. Wonder if he has gotten his […]

  7. Shar says:

    The food was just terrible and the attitude of the store manager was downright rude and unaccomodating.

    We ordered the U.S. Prime steak cooked medium rare and it came out RAW. We had it cooked again then it came out still ram. Then the third time we had it cook, it came out burnt, dry and unappealing.

    The Assitant Store Manager tells me “Ganoon po talaga” and did not do anything about it. Even when I just got angrier at her statement, she just stared right back at me.

    To add, even the salmon dish we ordered was overcooked. And she answered the same comment. This is the worst custom service i have ever encountered. I do not understand why she was hired for the position.

    I asked for the store manager’s number and she gave me an uncontactable number. Wow shouldn’t have been surprised…

    What HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Never returning here again and never recommending this restaurant to anyone.

    Would you know who I could get in touch with to rekay this feedback? I have been trying to find out who I may speak with

    • lynne says:

      Oh, that sounds really bad. We’re sorry you had a bad experience with them. It has been YEARS since we last went to Mr. Rockefeller and it looks like a lot has changed. We do hope you are able to get in touch with them so they can improve on things.

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