Scared by Mad For Garlic?

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This restaurant has closed their W Global Center branch.

Does Mad For Garlic scare you?

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7634

Does the doorway made of steel and glass look too bourgeois for the usual casual dinner fare?

Does that wreath hung around an eerily glowing lamp make you imagine that there’s nothing more to the food here than the over-abuse of the acrid, pungent food flavoring bulb?

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7635 Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7637

Do those racks of wine make you think that this place is only reserved for those who have an inkling for the alcoholic kind?

Does it all point that maybe, Mad For Garlic is just way too much for what your senses can handle?

This might be the perfect time to overcome some fears you may have.


While Mad For Garlic does focus a lot on the garlic, it is in the treatment and cooking technique that makes it shine and bring out a certain sweet, umami character that may have been hidden in its bulbs all along. A fusion of Korean and Western Culture brought together by the common love for this essential supplement of any kitchen.

And it is also in knowing which other ingredients complement it:

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7653

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7647

Consider Mad For Garlic’s Spinach Salad (PHP 195.00 Half Order). It is mostly spinach with toppings of garlic chips prepared on site, and a tinge of bacon and balsamic dressing. Bitter spinach mixed with strong garlic and savory bacon. It’s quite inviting.

Then take it further with their best selling appetizer: The Dracula Killer (PHP 195.00 Half Order). Garlic is cooked into a soft mush in sweet tasting olive oil, partnered with salty anchovies for you to top over garlic bread. Oh, and a sprinkling of fresh parmesan with it, too!

If your first spoonful gets a bit overwhelming, reverse it all with a swig of some of those fancy cocktails from Mad For Garlic’s Cellar Nights (Hint: The Yakult mixed with soju is a winner).


Cellar Nights Cocktails of Mad For Garlic Philippines-6534

Still taken aback? Maybe pizzas should lure you in:

Mad For Garlic has some thin, crunchy pizzas. No escaping garlic here, but it’s not like you will be cowering in a corner after you have tasted these:

Gorgonzola Pizza (PHP 275.00) is sweetly saying that you should try gorgonzola, a dripping of honey, kicked with a hint of… you guessed it. Garlic.

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7656

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7677

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7664

Traditional looking pizzas like an Old Ham and Sausage Pizza (PHP 275.00) makes it on the menu, too. But if there is one thing that no one should miss, it’s the Garlic Snowing Pizza (PHP325.00): A combination of Shrimp, Pineapple, Thinly Fried Garlic over a bed of special sauce and sprinkled with freshly shredded parmesan. One bite and you are hooked.

And once you are hooked, there’s no turning back.

Steak has always had a good relationship with garlic, with the latter just enhancing the meaty taste. And that is why a tenderloin Garlic Foryou Steak (Yes it’s spelled that way and at PHP 1,100.00), marinated in special sauce and complemented by sauteed vegetables. As tenderloin is a tasteless cut compared to other popular tasty portions like rib-eye, the garlic makes it shine.

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7671 Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7644

And speaking of rib-eye:

Rib-eye Steak buried in loads and loads of different varieties of garlic (PHP 1,450.00). Minced, fried, and raw garlic are all over this rib-eye steak sizzling right in from of you. The scent is intoxicating.

And if the taste may be too much, finish off with creamy desserts like a Panna Cotta (PHP 225.00) or a Torta Al Cioccolato (PHP 235.00). Don’t worry. they took a break with the garlic in here.

Now, doesn’t overcoming your fears pay off in the end :)?

Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7708 Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines-7713

Want to Learn more about Cellar Nights and Mad For Garlic? Check out their website at or their Facebook Page at 

Visit their current flagship store:

W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +632-808-9517


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