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Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0787This new coffee shop opened near the place of work, replacing the Italian restaurant that used to be situated in the Ecoplaza building in Makati City. Quite a good replacement, too! There really is not a decent coffee shop that is within walking distance at this place.

Staple and Perk, though, calls itself a bakery, with its freshly made breads and the coffee products that go along with it. And boy do they make good coffee!

The caramel macchiato is served at an optimum temperature, the coffee flavor is more robust, the froth from the milk thick, and the details on the caramel stains meticulously patterned. No sourness, bitterness, or sweetness overpowering the other flavors. Wonder if their concept has anything to do with this Third Wave Coffee that seems to spread like wildfire in the metro?

Heck, even their architectural inspirations are very much what is popular with other hip places now (uneven bricks painted white with reclaimed wood for tables, all over a flat black Spartan ceiling. We know the look. A local craft beer place looks like it, too.)

Whatever the reason, as long as they keep the coffee and bread fresh, there will always be an appreciative clientele.

Oh, and there’s also the lunch specials:

Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0786


Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0804

Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0789


Not really a vast selection on the menu, mostly braises and stews. Looking at it, their specialty really is the baking of bread, so stews do offer a very easy way of making a meal with succulent flavor (we know this from our own experiments). A Red Wine Braised Beef Stew costs around PHP 200.00, and comes with a mini baguette. Place an order in the counter, accept the stuffed giraffe toy figurine as a way for them to know what to serve you, and take a seat.

Crack open the baguette’s crust, and you reveal good volume, texture, and aroma. There are so few things that smell good than properly baked bread. It was a reminder of boulangeries and cafes in Paris, and how everyone has to have bread with their meals (Parisians eat pizza and pasta with bread. True story.). Use the bread to suck up that braised stew and get in all that flavor. Take a sip of that macchiato. It’s become quite the lunch routine.



Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0785_1 Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0784

Yes, no WiFi here. It’s back to the 90’s, but ironically using hashtags to emphasize it. The irony of things, perhaps? Who cares? Staple and Perk does coffee and bread right. That’s all that matters.

Staple and Perk is located at the ground floor of the Ecoplaza Building, Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +632-925-1122

Visit their Facebook Page to know more: https://www.facebook.com/StapleAndPerkBakery


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