Your License Was Confiscated in Makati. Now What?

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En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati DSC_6492

In the Philippines, one of the strictest places enforcing traffic rules is the Makati City Business District.

With ever-changing One-Way routes and overly eager towing trucks (add to that a no number coding window unlike the rest of Metro Manila), you can get caught off guard. One wrong move, and you have the local traffic cops (with mango ice cream colored uniforms) pounce with ninja-like agility.

It doesn’t matter also if it is late at night. They patrol the streets 24/7, knowing that there will be a few hapless folks who are either unaware or will try to pull a fast one.

This was something learned the hard way when our group, after a fun dinner, turned left from Paseo de Roxas to Dela Rosa Street (Something no one in the group knew was illegal. Lights were too dark to see the signs, too).


It was all cool even if traffic apprehension is one of the worst motorist banes. To their credit, they were quite the courteous, sympathetic and professional folks who didn’t seem the kind who can be bribed. Must be the inspiring influence of the newly elected President.

So now, your license is confiscated and you have to retrieve it. How do you do so? Here’s a documentary on how one license retrieval went. Apologies in advance for any bad photos, as this was done at the most discreet way using phone cams

(God knows what other violations can be slapped or unwarranted stares you can get inside the retrieval office).

En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati DSC_7153

Step 1:

It starts with the traffic ticket. It clearly states where the license can be retrieved. In this case, the friendly cop who apprehended us even gave directions and the date when you can claim it (Mayapis, corner Malugay). Give it about 2 days lead time before heading there. Your ticket can work as a license while it is not yet retrieved.

(Not confirmed if this holds true outside Makati. If someone has been caught outside Makati with this ticket, let us know. Also, we feel sorry for your predicament 😛 )

Check out this map to find out where it is:

View Larger Map

Here is a view of the front of the office taken across at Wingman Buffalo Wings (They have good buffalo wings! You may want to time your retrieval during lunch time)

UPDATE: All of these have now been transferred to the Annex Building of the Makati City Hall. Venue might have changed, but the procedure is still the same.

Retrieving Your License in Makati City Philippines-6729



En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati IMAG0275

En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati IMAG0274


Step 2:

Make your way to the office. Upon getting there, it didn’t look too much like the office one would expect. Felt more like the Land Transportation Office line for new applicants.

You enter the place and you see several windows. It says in one window to drop your ticket and they will compute your fine (In this case, it was Window 2). Drop it and wait for your name to be called. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, buy a candy or soda from the small shack beside if you wish.

Once they call your name, proceed to the window they direct you to and pay the fine.



En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati IMAG0276

Step 3:

Move close to the window, and the scent inside the office whiffs out. It is a mix of sweat, old sampaguita garlands and 3-in-1 coffee. It’s reminiscent of funeral parlor chapels. Adding to the ambiance were the Sto. Nino and Virgin Mary statuettes holding those mentioned garlands, giving you a stare-down.


You’ll soon forget all of it once they read out the fines to you (for this case, about PHP 500.00). Just dish out the cash, and a receipt will be issued together with your license.

En Route Retrieving Your License in Makati IMAG0279

And that’s it!

Surprisingly, it was a more pleasant experience than expected. Quick, professional (except for the smell reminiscent of a funeral home), and a bit more motorist friendly compared to other cities that apprehend you (Who would want to go through a 2-hour seminar where they probably will just ridicule you for getting caught?). Here’s to hoping other local and national agencies can get their service done for you in 15 minutes as well.

Have questions? Have something to say about this? Wish to share your own shenanigans? let everyone know through the Facebook Comment Window below.

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  1. […] Path 1: The simplest way would be through Buendia Ave. Stick to your right once you are past Chino Roces Ave. Once you get past the train tracks, take an immediate right, and then make an immediate right again. That is Malugay Street. The Collective is 15 meters to your left (It’s across the place where we retrieved our confiscated license when we were caught in Makati…) […]

    • Paolo Aplasca says:

      Is there additional surcharges if you did not claim your license within the prescribed 5 days. If yes, magkano naman kaya ang charge nila per day/month na di mo na claim yung license mo?

      mga 2 months ko na din hindi nakukuha license ko e

      • rftreyes says:

        there is a surcharge. It increases per day. As to how much it is, there is a chart there in the claiming office.
        It would be best to get it soon. Not really good to drive without a license he he.

      • gio says:

        get a new one from any lto branch, declare mo lang na lost..pagawa ka affidavit 50.00 lang tapos 316.00 lang para sa license card at clearance

        • rod says:

          boss panu kung yung licence ko diko natubos ng 6 years na ang lumipas, nandun pa rin ba ang records ko, one-way po ang violation ko nuon, diko na binalikan kasi wala nman akong sasakyan na mula nun, nabenta ko nlang ang motor ko after nun diko na tinubos ang licence sa makati…tnx po sa sasagot ng tanong ko…

        • tano says:

          di ba nagturn over ang makati sa lto ng license pag d mo na kinuha, if nag declae ka ng lost?

        • jan juanillas says:

          di po ba makikita ng LTO na may fine ako kung sasabihin ko nawala ang DL ko?

      • garudonsamana says:

        Hinuli aq ng mapsa sa my gwadalupe.. Ngayon bnigyan kme ng option kung titikitan dw kme asa 2500 dw bbayaran nmin.. Pinakita p nga smin ung ibang tinukitan nila n 3k dw ang tubosss… So cmpre npaicip aq e ang pera q 100 lng so sv q pameryendahin q nlng kc wla p kme shod.. Abai savi sakin mastado dw mababa.. Sv q sir wla tlaga kme pera e.. So sv ng mapsa e wla pla kau pera e.. Kaya aun tinikitan aq.. Purket wlang mbigay n malaki violation agad.. Tlagang malaki mangurakot ang mapsai.. Kya ang tao d marunong sununod sa batas dhil sa ng kotong. Makati ung mapsa n si mabatan makakahiya n gngawa.. Bigyan ntin ng leksyon ang mga taong ganyan

  2. angela angeles says:

    does anyone knows what happens if you dont claim your licsence (never claim your licsence). will you have a bad record in makati which can carry on for years just for not claiming your licsence? my old licsence is about to expire and i just want to get a new one in MMDA, get an affidavit of loss.

    • rftreyes says:

      From experience, it is best to settle any pending cases where the license was confiscated, especially in Metro Manila. The PNP’s Traffic Management Group (TMG) has mechanized and unified the tracking of licenses that have pending cases so even if an affidavit of loss is filed, when you try to get a new license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO. MMDA does not issue licenses), you will not be issued a new one as their records will flag down a that the license is still pending with a case.

      This is from my experience back around 2008 when my wallet was stolen and someone used my sstolen license ina traffic violation in Montalban, Rizal (a place I haven’t even been to myself), so all the more the system is centralized by now.

      • Martha says:

        if license was confiscated 2 years back and not claimed, how can we request for replacement if there is a pending fee that needs to be settled?

        lto says pay the fee first. mmda said request for replacement. too frustrating to say the least.

        we have been thrown back and forth between the mmda office and lto. not even the 136 Helpdesk was any help.

      • rod says:

        what about po kung yung violation na one-way at diko na po natubos ang licence ko last 6 years ago pa po, kasi nasa province nako nauwi pero nahuli ako sa Makati…nandun pa rin po ba ang records nun? salamat po sa sasagot sa tanong ko.

  3. Skeet3r says:

    Is there parking space ?

    • rftreyes says:

      You pose a good question. Parking is actually along the street. The Makati enforcers who were stations in the area actually assist in looking for parking space. There were testimonials from friends where if the parking is limited, the officials have runners to even assist in processing the retrieval by taking your ticket, informing you of the cost, then they process the payment and give the Official Receipt.

      While this may draw skepticism given the notorious reputation of Philippine traffic enforcers, some have said that the process was honest and clean.

  4. roni says:

    hi! until what time it is open?

  5. mae says:

    Can someone else claim it for me? If yes, whats are the requirements?

    • rftreyes says:

      Hmmm… not sure if they allow it. If they do, probably the usual authorization letter signed and with a photocopy of another government issued ID is what you may need to give

  6. Marian says:

    What if I want to contest my “violations”? I was driving a new car and I just got my license renewed last week! God knows I wouldn’t dare go through a traffic light. But they said I did. I guess the new rule now is to stop when it’s a yellow light, even if you’re already in the middle of the intersection.

    • rftreyes says:

      You raise a good question. Is this also in Makati? I’m sorry to hear about that.

      From my encounters with them and asking if there is a process when contesting a violation, they advise to prepare a letter of protest and lodge the complaint to City Hall. They seem to treat the protest from the violation differently because they said you can claim the license and pay the fines even before the complaint is heard.

      In some cases in cities in Metro Manila, they allow you to write in the receipt that the charge is “Under Protest”, and then arbitration takes place in the city where you were apprehended.

      I guess that’s where that saying “Iba kami dito sa Makati” is taken into some unusual and inconvenient meanings.

  7. Glenn says:

    Nahulog na din ako sa patibong ng MAPSA na yan!
    Paglagpas ng buendia, may traffic light…but before ng t.light may kalsada from mayapis, inabutan ako ng yellow-red light so tumigil yung unahan ko, as well as ako, (not knowing driveway yun), kaso sakto sa intersention inabot sasakyan ko under the flyover, (no intersection sign) wala ding traffic light before the intersection, just after kaya malilito ka. . Reckless driving daw kasi beating the red light, at obstruction… babaan nya daw kaso ng obstruction n lng pra 1000 instead of 2000…. hayst ingat sa mga buhayang MAPSA, walang atupagin kungdi manghuli hinde ayusin traffic…..

    • rftreyes says:

      One of the thing I see that most traffic enforcers can abuse is the lack of information to the public about what the real violations and penalties are for those.

      Because of this, one of the things I will probably do soon is go to National Bookstore and buy the latest traffic code to see the most updated rules.

    • Gracious says:

      We also experienced the same thing kagabi. Kaya pala malakas loob nila kasi ang hirap pala nila e complain. We know na tama kami but deny to death, pretended they were right and the hell care not. I want to complain the officer kasi nilagyan nya kami ng Beating the read light pero nag go kami ng green and halfway through nag yellow and red and na stop sa gitna ng intersection sa baba ng overpass where they would usually let cars stop there. So aside from insisting na beating the red light, he also insisted obstruction… Batas sila and they don’t care about peace and order which should be their most concern.

  8. JO says:

    Q: How much do you pay for a suspected/accused illegal counterflow?

    Q: Does an MMDA Officer or a MAPA Officer gives consideration to emergencies/urgent minor concerns like: bad tummy, edge of urinating, etc

    I’m just curious. Many thanks

    • rftreyes says:


      About the charge for the counterflow, I have no information on those. Sorry.

      About the emergencies, yes they do. If you are in a medical emergency, they let you through and on some cases, even assist you to the nearest hospital. As for bathroom emergencies, that I have not tried, but will let you know once we do 😛

  9. Shaun says:

    Hello, is it open on saturdays? and how much for reckless driving? (Passing Thru stoplight) also do I undergo seminars for this? Thanks for the reply

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. For Saturdays, I am not certain. They normally do not give seminars for this. Also, not certain how much the fine is. It is best to go there and they will compute it. There is actually a list there which identifies each violation and its corresponding fines.

  10. Aladin says:

    How can we justify that makati has its own ticketing procedure compared with MMDA? Or baka this system allows the yellow boys to conduct illegal confiscation of drvers licenses to get easy money? Mr vice president, please advise!

  11. Aladin says:

    Kawawa naman yung mga makati blue guards, ginagamit din sila ng makati republic para gawin ang mga ilegal na panghuhuli! This must be brought out to a public hearing. I cant imagine that makati has its own traffic rules inside the philippines… Baka kelangan na dito si juan de la cruz para sagupain sila isa isa. Yung tinatamaan dito magisip ha! Dapat malinaw sa inyo na sa tax namin nanggagaling ang sweldo nyo! Gawin nyo ang trabaho nyo ng maayos, bibigyan namin kayo ng bonus!

  12. Aladin says:

    Bigyan naman natin ng simple mathematics ang taong bayan… Ganito po yun… If the average confiscated drivers license daily is 300 ( sounds real huh) x 450 = 135,000 daily. Monthly= Php4,050,000 and Php48,600,000 anually.
    Im sorry, but i dont know division po e. addition and multiplication lang alam ko. Hindi ko po talaga alam kung ilan silang naghahati hati jan at kung sino. Somebody help me, please!

  13. Aladin says:

    I just hope that someday, all of us could posses the right to apprehend traffic enforcers who do not posses legibilty of their jobs and those who dont believe integrity! Kakapal ng mga mukha nyo! Kita kitz tayo sa impyerno! Dun walang bawal. Lahat legal pati kaluluwa nyo pwedeng gawin kahit anong kulay as long na maitim ang budhi nyo qualified kayo at kaya nyong kainin ang hindi nyo pinaghirapan na inagaw nyo lang sa mga katulad naming hinuli nyo na walang basehan kundi ang mga taong nasa likod nyo. May tawag sa ganyan e…. Tanungin natin sila… Guessing starts now!

  14. Aladin says:

    Makati, mahalin natin.
    Atin to!
    Maraming pera dito!

    Eventually, Makati will have its traffic route na hindi nyo makikita sa mga bookstore. There you could navigate all routes leading to Mayapis cor. Malugay, right?

  15. jay says:

    no lunch breaks?

    I work in makati and i plan to retrieve my dl during my lunch break. any idea if this is possible? I’ve been in a few government agency with a sign that says “no lunch break”. I’m wondering if this is also true with lto makati.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. I’m not sure if this holds true here. On the occassions taht we were on the site, we did not notice any “No Lunch Break” sign.

  16. Patrick says:


    Does anybody know how much fine I have to pay in Makati for “Disobedience to traffic control ginals/signs”? Medyo pabago-bago yung mga nababasa ko ngayon sa ibang sites and it would be good if someone can give me clarity. Thanks!

  17. […] has one of the best locations in The Collective as it is right outside by the street, facing the License Retrieval Office of Makati City. What was apparent with this place is what it is: no-frills, non-pretentious, back-to-basics of […]

  18. Yolander says:

    heres my story around 10am 1st day of august 2013. driving motorcycle, red light were in a stop along kalayaan road cor makati avenue i was about to turn left going to jp rizal. i was behind other motorcycle were in second lane, left to me is car, i walked my motor going left overtake motorcycle in front of me and slowly reverse, just wanna position my motor going left then MAPSA asked me where im going, told him, going left then he said MAPSA is present meaning for me is you cant do that act if MAPSA is there, then he asked to see my license offcourse as a sign of respect to the officer i show my license it was insert to the license holder with other cards, then he gets my license alone, i ask whats wrong he was angry that time and the word that i cant forget is when he say ‘para madala ka’ meaning magtanda, then he start writing on ticket, i ask my violation he replied disregarding marking lane code 154, oooopppss disregarding marking lane but when i saw the road it was asphalt and the mark lane that he was talking was already cover, anyway i told them too the officer that why only me, i said im not only the motorist who step wheel on the marking lanes, why only me was caught at that time. the name is leonard terrenal. i ask how much is the fine he said aroung 350 but when i saw 154 it was 500. oooppps thats big. di man lang mapakiusapan.. mga bwiset sarap sagasaan… naisahan kasi ako kinuha license ko im showing only para know nya na may license talaga ako. what was hard for me is motorcycle vehicle ako, it was normal for the motorist na tumutok at nauuna but still giving space din naman ako.. anyway next time diskarte na lang. the lesson is do not give license or show, just talk to the officer, ask for the violation first. you can show your license but never give.. they cant force you, makipagmatigasan na lang magsasawa din yan kasi iisipin nun isa lang ito masasayang araw nya kung ikaw lang ang huhulihin nya, babawi na lang sa iba jejejeje.. goodluck motorist..

  19. Joyce says:

    Hello, my license was confiscated by a TPMO 2 days ago around greenbelt and I’m going to get it tomorrow. It’s just weird.they wrote on my ticket that I should claim my license on Makati City Hall Building 2 7th Floor. Do you think it’s okay? O_O

  20. ryan says:

    anu pong pwede ko i-file na complaint regarding sa sapilitang pagkuha ng susi ng motorcycle ko nang isa sa inspector ng MAPA traffic enforcer kahit di naman ako nagiisip na tatakbo sa violation ko daw na One way , at pinalibutan po ako ng apat na nakamotorsiklo ding MAPA officer para sindakin ako at ibigay ang lisensya ko ..kanino po ako pwede lumapit para humingi ng advice at tulong para makapag reklamo? salamat po.

  21. Pad says:

    Nahuli ako sa makati last tuesday, apr 1, and my license was confiscated. The mapsa told me that i can get may license that same afternoon. Binalikan ko pero wla pa. I came back again yesterday and kanina s makati city hall pero wala pa rn un license ko. Sobrang abala na. Sinunod ko nmn un sinabi ng pulis.

  22. Rey says:

    hello nahuli po ako kanina sa may C5 kalayaan ask ko lang po sna mag kanu ang fine ng No Side Mirror po.. wala kasi yung motor ko thanks po

  23. JT says:

    what time po pwede kunin yung license sa makati city hall?

  24. gar says:

    i was lost near j.p rizal ave when pag liko ko, one way pala,no sign man lang na one way sya. i know my violation, and i know na huli na ko.. but ask ko lng kng mgkano ba tlga ang one-way penalty sa makati? when the mango boy took my license at binasahan ako ng penalty fees, and sabi sakin P2000 daw ang violation ng one-way as per city ordinance dw plus mga seminars. i badly needed my license agd kaya nakiusap ako na kung pwd pakibilisan ang pgdala sa office para ma claim ko agd. biglang humirit si manong at sinabing kng gus2 ko sakanya na ko mgbayad at pipirma ko sa violation ticket para i submt nya sa accounting nla. ako nman with no time for seminars and etc eh ng agree kesa pick up ng lisensya when i badly needed it that time.. so aun, ewan ko kng na buwaya ko or what.. pero lesson learnd na tlga ko and ill start to get more awareness abt the penalties and process..

  25. Fuck it! Got caught this morning by mapsa due to number coding violation at 2/25/2015 at 9:30am at buendia. My advice to you is (that is if you have the dough) that all mapsa, traffic enforcers, mmda or police can be bribed. Sure they will issue you a ticket at first but if you are persistent, these pigs are all for sale. I haven’t met anybody who accosted me on the road who refused my bribe. So going back to my story, the mapsa pig already wrote me a ticket and gave the ticket to me. While he was writing the ticket i was trying to haggle with him about his price. I started at P200 but he seems disinterested and he keeps talking about where i should get my license and he doesnt accepts money from drivers and blah blah blah. So this mapsa guy told me to park my car since i was in a high traffic area. AHA so this mapsa guy is a discreet pig. So then i went to arestaurant for a while to eat then i went back to the post of the mapsa guy and offered him again P200 and the result is not interested. I offered P300 and the result is not interested. I offered P500 and bam! he told me to write my name and signature on the parking ticket and give him the P500. So that’s how i got my drivers license back and i quickly surmised that this traffic enforcer is a discreet fine dining pig. So the key is persistence with your bribe to these pigs if you dont want the hassle of retrieving your license at the city hall. These pigs are all for sale, it’s just a matter of finding out their price.

  26. Gerry Rojas says:

    You totally nailed it dude! totally!!. Nahuli din ako many times in qc and makati from beating the red light, driving w/out a seatbelt, swerving pero my license was never confiscated. Hihingin lang nila yung license ko para dun isisingit yung padulas.

  27. pmsv says:

    Help! would anyone here know how much ung cost if naconfiscate ung license due to beating the red light? And is there a cctv in osmena cor buendia? Kc dun DAW ako nagbeat ng red light and i wanted a proof kc nde ko nakita na nag-red ung traffic light.

  28. Raymond Asilo says:

    Nabiktima na din ako dun sa intersection ng malugay. Nasa ticket ko obstruction and I have to claim my license sa 7th Floor Makati City Hall Bldg II. San ba ko ppnta tlga sa MAPSA office or sa City Hall? Thanks

  29. Contagiousgirl69 says:

    My license was confiscated last year nov 11 2014 disregarding violation. I was about to renew my license this month. Let me ask if how much it will be my penalty.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi: If you have not claimed it from Makati, surcharges may already apply given the duration since you were apprehended. Best to check with them.

  30. paderog marjun donaire says:

    tanong q lng po kung mgkano fine q occupying wrong lane

  31. joyce says:

    sobrang higpit ng mga mapsa na yan…sobra traffic kanina kaya kahit go palang huminto n aq s intersection kasi dami pa cars s harapan ko, mag leleft turn aq s paseo de roxas. may violation ba na huminto aq s pedestrian lane? confiscate pa nng enforcer ang liscense ko…tga cavite aq…hassle talaga… s makati city hall na ba claim ang liscence? thanks

    • rftreyes says:

      Sadly, stopping at a pedestrian lane is technically a violation.

      • Rho says:

        Ako rin nahuli na dati ng ganyan. Madaya lang kasi ang haba nung pedestrian lane as in pang large mass of pedestrian crossers sya then nagstop ako kasi nag orange bigla ung light tapos ang layo ko pa from intersection. So kahit ano gawin ko, huhulihin nya talaga ako. Madaming madayang rules dito sa pinas eh

  32. Coco says:

    I was just robbed last night by a Makati Traffic officer around 8:30pm. I was pulled over saying I beat the red light upon exiting the Gil Puyat skyway ramp . Honestly, I did not see the light. I was rushing and traffic was heavi so maybe I did beat the red light. There were other cars with me and I happened to be on the left most lane, therefore, closest to the officer and the only one stopped. My first time to get pulled over after years of driving and the officer banked on my ignorance of the law. I was desperate to leave since I was running really late for an event. The other offense was driving without my valid license which I left at home. Darn. He asked to me follow him to the station which I did. I was told beating the light was a P2500 offense, even more for the license issue. I asked him to issue the ticket and I will pay the fines. He said since I had no license with me for him to confiscate , my car (not just the plate) will get impounded. I was shocked and admit I panicked. To cut the story short, I offered P500 and he did not budge. P1000 and he said the red light violation alone was more than that. I just wanted to leave so bad so I said P1500 and he accepted. He even made me promise not to get back at him after for taking my money. I just smiled and in my head…what a scumbag.

  33. Rho says:

    Ang daming MAPSA palagi nanghuhuli sa dela Rosa street near the parking kasi tago na driveway and madaming drivers waiting for their bosses to pick up after office hours. Usually around 4:30 start na sila nanghuhuli.

    I also experienced mahuli kasi I stopped my car at the side of the road opposit the entrance to dela Rosa parking. I was just there kasi I was on the phone. I was supposed to be driving around that street because I was going to pick up my sister from Enterprise. My engine was on and naka hazard ako. Hinuli nila ako dahil bawal daw magwait sa area na yun. Pero yung nakakainis dun, ang sabi nya yun ang violation ko pero nilagay nya sa ticket “Illegal Parking”. When I asked him to explain my violation, ang sabi nya “nakapatay pa nga yung makina nyo at hindi pa kayo naka-hazard”. When in fact naka-open naman and I was on hazard the whole time we were talking. I asked him to change my violation to the correct violation he was claiming when he took my license pero ayaw nya and even changed the number of days I can claim my license from 5 days to 72 hours. Nakakainis lang iba violation sasabihin tapos iba isstate nila sa parking ticket!

  34. tine says:

    If after your license got confiscated due to number coding in Makati, then you went to Quezon city and number coding window already close will the driver get apprehended again? Twice in a day? Or if he already got apprehended can he freely drives in the metro during number coding hours? (Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question, first time to be apprehended in Number coding in Makati)

    • rftreyes says:

      That is the tricky part here since each city ahs their own traffic policy. I am guessing since they have no license to confiscate anymore, there are two things that may happen:

      1. They will let you go.
      2. They might take something else, like a plate number of a car.

      Again, we are not certain.

  35. DANE says:

    ung claiming b ng DL nsa mayapis pa?

  36. Jot says:

    How much is the penalty for no headlight in makati

  37. Shane says:

    My husband’s DL was confiscated due to a violation. Am I allowed to claim it for him?

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