How to Get the Schengen Tourist Visa Through the Italian Embassy, Philippines

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The trip is finally over. It has been one hell of a ride, and a dream come true for En Route. It is one thing that we look forward to doing again.

And it is all but right to share any tips on how to be able to do our Euro Trip.

This all starts with being able to get a Schengen Visa.

This How-To will only cover the application for a tourist Short-Term Schengen visa (This has about a validity of 90 days) through the Italian Embassy. Other embassies may have different requirements or procedures.

Note 2:
As of 2013, when you apply for a Schengen visa, you apply to the country’s embassy where you are staying the longest. In our case, since we planned to spend most of the time in Rome and Florence, it was advised that the visa application be made to the Italian Embassy. If you are planning to stay an equal amount of time in several countries, you can apply at the country of first entry.

When do you apply for a Schengen Visa?

You can apply as early as three months from your intended trip. This is actually highly recommended especially during the peak application months in the Philippines, which is February to May (Schengen applications may take a month or even longer if they ask you to re-appear or need to submit more documents). So for example, your intended trip is on April 21, you can apply as soon as January 21 of the same year.

What are the countries included in the Schengen region?

This is where it gets exciting. One Schengen Visa includes these countries:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, Finland
France, Germany
Greece, Hungary
Iceland, Italy
Latvia, Liechtenstein
Lithuania, Luxembourg
Malta, Netherlands
Norway, Poland, Portugal
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
Sweden, Switzerland

The United Kingdom is a separate visa altogether.

Photo from: Signs and Sightings in Florence, Italy, 2013.

How to begin the application?

You start by completing all the required documents. Believe us. The more comprehensive your documents are, the easier your Visa application (if you submit incomplete documents, they can ask you to re-submit, or even deny it completely):

But before everything else: One thing that you need is to make sure you do have enough finances to shoulder for your trip. The embassy will not approve your application if in your financial documents, you cannot show that you will be able to support your trip.

A possible rule-of thumb is that you have to have some money in your bank account (that you will also submit BTW) and a credit card statement when you go out and get back home to the tune of PHP 100,000.00 per person for the first five days of your trip, and about PHP 5,000.00 for every day after. (Example. If you will be there for about 13 days, a comfortable combined bank account and credit card limit would be PHP 140,000.00 per person.

Why this much? Because you need to factor plane fare, hotel, food, and other possible hidden expenses like getting duped out of one Euro or something….). Remember, this is just a rule-of-thumb. You can still survive Europe with smaller expenses, but it helps to show that you do have a comfortable buffer.

Having a valid credit card is highly advantageous. It shows that you have good credit history and that you are bankable and responsible enough o learn how to manage your finances for a vacation trip.

OK, back to the requirements:

(Tip: Print this out as a checklist. It will help when consolidating the documents.):

1) Valid Passport with no less than 3 months validity over the visa expiration;

2) COMPLETELY accomplished application form with one recent picture (2X2) with white background

(Tip: When going to a photo studio for the picture, wear a collared shirt or a collared business jacket. Go there with no other things on your face (earrings, heavy make-up, etc… The photo studio may have jackets in-hand, but best to bring one to be sure);

(Please DO NOT leave any blanks in the form. Indicate “N/A” if answer is not applicable. Follow this religiously. It also helps anyone who may tamper your application by inserting unnecessary things in the fields)

3) Original and photocopy of ALL documents required for each applicant (including passport and
previous visas).



(Tip: Print this out to use as a checklist. It will help when consolidating the documents. Also, place the documents in this order when submitting it in an enclosed envelope. It makes it easier for the reviewer, because if it looks messy and the reviewer is having a bad day, they can reject your application for being sloppy):

  • Letter of introduction to the Embassy (document that introduces the applicant and reason for visa application. The letter should include contact numbers of the applicant.)
  • Check this draft letter that we made that you can use
  • If Employed: Certificate of employment & Approved Leave of Absence (that’s why you should be nice to your boss 🙂 )
  • If Self Employed: Business license/permits, registration (photocopy of SEC registration will do) and financial statement.
  • Declaration of annual income (ITR)
  • If you are a student: Certificate of enrolment and approved leave of absence from the school (possibly coming from the Principal’s office or from the class teacher.)
  • Proof of economic means: Bank certification for dollar and peso accounts accompanied by their corresponding passbook, statements of account (Get this from your bank. It takes them about 2-3 days to process this request. Just approach the customer service and they ask you to fill up the needed form). If available, international credit cards (provide about 3-4 months worth of credit card billing statement, properties, land titles (photocopy is sufficient for this), etc.
  • Birth certificate and Marriage Contract (NSO issued). This one is required especially if you are a couple travelling. And that means both your applications should have one NSO copy each.
  • Itinerary, confirmed round trip flight booking and hotel vouchers or hotel booking under the name of the traveler. (What we did here was pencil book a flight by screen-grabbing something from For the hotels, we got from and printed out the booking confirmation. We picked hotels where there is an option to cancel the reservation so that in case the trip doesn’t push through or you need to adjust the dates or wish to pick another hotel, you can do so within 7-14 days from the date of visit to the hotel)
  • Here is a sample draft itinerary
  • If you are staying with a friend/relative: A letter of invitation addressed to the Embassy, (format of this letter may be secured at the Italian Embassy or downloaded from ), in case the traveler will stay in a friend’s or relative’s residence. The invitation may be made by an Italian national or a foreign resident legally staying in Italy. A document of identity or permit of stay (Possibly a copy of their passport or visa) should accompany the letter of invitation.
  • For ALL minors: NSO birth certificate, affidavit of Support and Consent from BOTH parents. In addition, a DSWD clearance for minors not traveling with parents.
  • Travel insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros (with 15 days allowance beyond the travel period) obtained only from Schengen accredited insurance companies in the Philippines.  (Check out this quick Google search of Schengen accredited insurance companies in the Philippines. We got ours from Blue Cross.)
  • If you are not a Filipino citizen: you will need to show proof of permanent residency in the Philippines
  • Visa Processing Fee + Service Fee in form of Manager’s check, payable to “PIASI” (PIASI is the accredited processor of Italian Visa applications in the Philippines)

So you see, it is best to take about 1-2 weeks to at least secure these documents (Especially the NSO ones. Those can take some time to get to your house.)

When these are all completed, call the following numbers so that you can book your Visa Application:

PLDT/ Smart: 1-909-101-2200

Bayantel: 1-903-2200

Globe: 1-900-101-2200

Call any time from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm (except holidays).  This is a toll number, and you will be charged something like about PHP 32.00 for every minute of call. The teller from the other side will guide you also to make sure you have all the documents. If you don’t you may have to call again when you have everything completed.

How Much Does the Visa Cost?:

The Tourist Short Term Schengen Visa costs somewhere around the figure of 60.00 Euros (Depending on rate exchanges, this is probably about PHP 3,600.00). There may be some other fees when you go in there for biometric scanning and if you elect to have your documents shipped to your mailing address when you get your visa approved.

Where is the place for the Visa Appointment?

As of this writing, the center is located at the following places:

For Metro Manila based applications:
3rd floor, Allegro Center, 2284 Chino Roces Extension,
Barangay Magallanes, Makati City, Metro Manila 1223

For Cebu based applications:
Unit 1004-B 10th Floor Keppel Center,
Samar Loop corner Cardinal Rosales Ave.,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Go here about 30 minutes before your intended schedule. As a matter of fact, why not go there about 45 minutes before? Allegro center has a coffee shop nearby, and if 121 Grille is open, have a good hearty breakfast beforehand.


Taken from: Signs and Sightings of Amsterdam 2013.


Once you get your Visa:


You are well on your way to making the trip of your dreams! Here are some things that may help you understand your Schengen Visa:

Understanding Your Schengen Visa Lynne En Route 03-19-2014


1. Your picture as taken from the photo studio as required by the embassy. My actual photo is used here.

2. This is the area where your visa is valid. Stated here is it is valid for the states participating in the Schengen region (see above)

3 and 4. Start date validity and Expiration, Respectively (This is read as Day-Month-Year). VERY IMPORTANT. As we are used to Month-Day-Year here in the Philippines, we interpreted this that it was valid from March 4, 2013 to September 5, 2013, when it actually was valid from April 3, 2013 to May 9, 2013. We were supposed to join a family reunion some time in July in the Schengen region and all this while, we thought our Visas were still valid. We ended up stuck in London for that leg of the trip (which was not bad at all!)

5. Duration of how long you can stay for the duration of your Visa validity. In this case, this Visa allows the user to stay a maximum of 21 days

6. Type of Entry. This Visa has the MULT designation, which means you can enter multiple times. TAKE NOTE OF THIS IN RELATION TO #5. Even if you can enter multiple times, you have a cumulative 21 days for it. No more, no less

7. Type of Visa. Stated here is it is valid as a Tourist visa.

8. Date of Issuance and Passport Number (Number blurred for anonymity). Again, this is read as Day-Month-Year

Hope this little write-up helps! We will be adding mroe information and insights as we go along the way.

Up Next: When you are there, some tips and tricks that may help along the way.


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  1. Arianne says:

    Hi, Lynne.

    Great job on this article!

    Just to clarify, I think the date of validity reads April 3, 2013 – May 9, 2013 if the Day-Month-Year format is followed. If interpreted in our way, I think the date looks more like March 4, 2013 – September 5, 2013 🙂

    Thanks again,

  2. shie says:

    hi. i just want to ask if you submitted a copy of your land title or other properties.

    i have enough funds, have a good paying job but we’re still paying for our house and it’s not under my name.

    thank you.

    • rftreyes says:

      Ah. Yes we did. I think for a land title that is not yet under your name, attach some supporting documents about the agreement on the payment plus all the billings and the receipts to show you have paid for them diligently 🙂

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  5. lenkes says:

    hi mam noong kumuha ka po ba ng schengen visa sinabi po ba sayo ng embassy officer na tawagan mo ang BIR para i-authorize sila na ivalidate ka sa BIR? just asking if we had the same experience in italian embassy. thank you!

  6. lethel says:

    Hi. How long was the entire application process (i.e. from date of appointment to date of release)? Travelling to Italy last week of October but earliest we can lodge our visa application is second week of September (passports are still with DFA for renewal). Thanks!

  7. Coco says:

    i am currently working here in Taiwan.Do i need to submit to present my ITR here in taiwan if i will get my visa in the Philippines

  8. JB & Renee says:

    Hi, very helpful post you have here. Did you guys purchase your airline tickets before applying for the Schengen visa? Not sure what you mean by “pencil booking a flight by screen grabbing.” Doesn’t the embassy require confirmed (ie paid for) flights?

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. Pencil booking can be done through some airline company websites, like KLM, where they have that option in booking a flight. It basically means it’s the intended flight you want to take if you plan to go on a trip on that date.
      And no. The embassy doesn’t require a booked ticket. As a matter of fact, their website says that you should not book the ticket yet until you get your visa.

  9. Patricia says:

    Hi i just wanted to ask if for your certificate of employment and approved leave of absence need to be aunthenticated by the DFA or just required stamping or sealed by the company that i work? Coz im OFW and i want to have vacation in italy when i use my annual vacation from my work.

    And about credit card i dont have but i have my atm card is that ok to submit an ATM Cards?

    Hoping for your reply. Thanks in advanced.

    • lynne says:

      Hi. Your leave of absence and certificate of employment don’t have to be authenticated by the DFA. They just need to be signed officially by your office/ employer.

      If you don’t have a credit card, you can request for bank statements ffrom your bank/sleep to show the consul your financial capability to fund your trip. We hope this helps!

      • Patricia says:

        Thank u for very fast response for my question.. And one more question.. My friend who italian guy and i meet him tru facebook was willing to send me an invitation letter so that he can sponsor his home instead of hotel accomodation.. However i was worried maybe it will be cause of denied coz my sponsor is not a filipino. My friend italian i know him for almost 5 years and by jan.2015 he wanted first vacation in the philippines and bring also the invitation letter. So i ask if its ok and i grabbed his help or better i do book hotel accomodation. Thanks again in advance its really help your experience applying visa in italy embassy.

        • rftreyes says:

          The invitation does work, however it will require him to submit other pertinent documents regarding his residency as well as his moral standing as a citizen of his country he is residing. So depending on the documents he submits regarding his personality, this may affect the outcome of the approval.

        • Hi ask ko lang po family reunion po kasi visa na iaaply ko tanong ko lang po sana kung invitation letter din po ba ay family reunion din

          • lynne says:

            Hi Juliet,

            An invitation letter may help especially if your trip will be sponsored. But we can’t say having one will be a guarantee for Visa approval. For other questions, please reach out to the embassy you are applying to. Good luck!

  10. Leah says:

    Sponsored po ang pag tourist ko sa Italy. Ang Mother General po ang nag invite sa akin kasi mag 6 years na kaming hindi nagkita nang sister kong nag mamadre,at gusto ni Mother na mag meet kami. Ask ko lang po kailangan bang original copy ang invitation letter nya? at hindi po ako employed/ wla rin akong trabaho kasi fulltime mom lang ako sa apat kong anak, ang gusto ko lang pong malaman kong ano po talaga ang specific requirements na pwede kong ipasa for tourist application at kong ano pong mga documents ang pwedeng i send nang Mother General kasi gusto ko na pong e comply lahat para mag pa appointment na po ako? Thanks 🙂

  11. Joriel says:


    May I ask, I don’t have dollar account, is the peso account would suffice the requirements for financial capability?

    And I’m traveling with my sister and she is just depending on me and doesn’t have much to show in her bank account. How can we support our claim to the embassy that she will just be depending on me.

    Thank you very much. We will be traveling in three months time.

    • lynne says:


      You don’t really need a dollar account. A peso account should suffice as long as you present all bank certificates and credit card billing statements to prove you are financially capable of financing the trip.

      As for your sister, you will need to establish her strong ties back in the country. The embassy needs to see that she will be going back home and she has reason to go back home when your trip is over. It can be employment, a business she manages, things like that. A very detailed itinerary of your trip will help as well as a clear reason why you are taking the trip. Some embassies even ask you to report back to them once you are back in the country so they can confirm that you returned.

      Good luck!

  12. Kim says:

    Hi. I’m hoping you know anything about my concerns with schengen visa application, so here it is anyway 🙂

    1. I freelance only online, so I don’t have those official documents like paystubs, ITR, certificate of employments, stuff like that. But I have sufficients saving funds in my bank account and debit card (not credit card). Do you think that’s enough to prove I’m capable of supporting myself or whatever needs to be proved with those requirements?

    2. I have a few friends in Spain, France, and Italy. I’d of course meet up/hangout with them when I go there but we didn’t arrange any sponsorship from them. Would I still need invitation letters/sponsorship letters from them?

    Thanks much!

    • rftreyes says:


      Hmmm…. yours does sound like a more complex predicament. Maybe this can help:

      1. For this case, if you have a passbook that shows that your funds have been an accumulation of income over an extended period of time (like constant deposits, etc..) and not a sudden surge of a deposited amount, then maybe you can request a bank statement and a certified copy of all transactions in your account.

      2. There’s no need for these if you have made reservations already in a hotel. Just show a copy of the confirmation documents of your hotel reservation and that should be fine. We also visited a lot of friends during our Euro trip and we did not ask for a sponsorship letter from them since we were staying at a hotel using our own money 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      – Ray

  13. megann says:

    Hi po, gudpm,, ittanong ko po sana if a rejection is possible b3cause I don’t have job and bank account pero sagot po lahat ng host/fiance ko,, salamat po ,,:)

    • lynne says:

      Well, it really will be up to the discretion of the consul. We just really advise to be as honest and as thorough as possible when you submit your requirements but we can’t guarantee a Visa even if you have complete requirements. The Italian embassy has a hotline that you can contact to get more information regarding what can be submitted in place of employment and bank records. Good luck!

  14. Hello ma’am,,,,
    Good day, I am a seaman likes to visit my family in europe but they are in germany,,, how can I get the easiest way to get the schengen visa? My last vacation with them was 2010,,, I just want to try again if it is just easy to get schengen visa in italian embassy,.,,

    • lynne says:

      Hi Brian! If you will be visiting your family in Germany, you’ll have to apply for a Visa with the German embassy. Schengen rules state that you must apply for a Visa with the Schengen state that you will be spending the longest time in. I’m assuming that will be Germany. Each country may have slightly different processes so I suggest you look up the Germany consul requirements. Good luck!

  15. lanie says:

    hi! what are the requirements for pensioners who wants to travel only in italy,,,my mom wants to travel but she retired from work?

    • lynne says:

      Since your mom is retired already, bank certificates of her account/s, any titles under her name, and maybe a certificate of her pension fund would help. But it would be best to check with the Italian embassy regarding this also. Good luck!

  16. Mary Ann Bazar says:

    I am a Filipina, 31 years old and have an Italian boyfriend of 52 years old since August 20, 2014, he visited me here in Philippines last December 25, 2014 to January 4, 2015. His purpose of visit is for him to know well if the love he feels with me in chat is same in personal meet up. He observed well about my life here in Philippines together with my family. We have many things in common, especially religious life and we really love each other, for me he is not hard to love because he is a God-fearing person, thoughtful, respectful, sincere and a man who knows how to say “thank you and sorry “. Until now our love story continues, we always have time everyday to chat in Skype and face book with our vacant time schedule.

    He wanted me to visit also in their place in Italy for just about 2 months to have enough time for me to know if I can take the life in Italy, about the weather, food, culture and others, and to meet also with his family and after the duration of 2 months I will return to Philippines to discern well of our future plans. My query is…can i apply for a Tourist Visa for Italy? Or can he process in behalf of me? What should we must do? I resigned from my job as school cashier last May, 2014 and since then I’m just doing online business ( network marketing) , if the embassy will require me to submit Income Tax Return, I can not comply. Hope and pray that you can give me a piece of advice on what to do. Thank you and God bless 🙂

    • lynne says:

      Hi Mary Ann! Firstly, only you can process your Visa. Visas are typically applied for and issued from the applicant’s country of residence and citizenship. Regarding your employment and income, you’ll need to show proof of your capacity to finance your trip, as well as your ties back here in the Philippines (to show that you won’t suddenly go TNT). These can be bank certificates of existing accounts you have, land titles, etc. Good luck!

  17. mike says:

    Hi ms. lynne. thanks for this helpful blog. 🙂
    Btw, Im a seaman and plan to travel italy and other schengen countries with italy being my main destination. Here are my queries po:
    1. Am i required to submit approved leave? kc since contractual based ako whenever i disembarked im literally unemployed until i join vsl again or sign contract again.
    2. For booking flight: any suggested airline or travel agency where i can do the booking/reservation without paying?
    3. For the hotel booking: any suggested site where reservation is free or at least minimal cost and refundable? ive tried agoda before but direct booking lang dun wala reservation.
    4. Lastly is it really necessary to declare all the schengen states to be visited as i plan to cover 20 schengen states and squeeze it in 90days? worry ko kc bka pg may isa akong ndi ideclare eh ndi ako iallow entry for that undeclared state.

    Thanking you in advance and hoping for your favorable response. sorry first timer here and solo traveler.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi! Here are answers to your questions:
      1. If not employed, there is no need to submit approved leave anymore. What you will probably be subbmitted instead will be copies of your certificate of employment during the times you were employed
      2. No particular travel agency is required for this. Any travel agency that can make a draft itinerary for you will do. We did ours ourselves by making a pencil booking and printing it out in the KLM website. This is free.
      3. What we did was reserve in Agoda and then refund it if ever we needed to change plans. It is best to get hotel reservations there where you can cancel and get a refund. Please take note: If I am not mistaken, Agoda will only refund completely if you cancel 14 days before the date that you reserved for purchase.
      4. It would be nice if you can, but it is not completely necessary. It is just needed for their reference, but you may change your plans any time. Once you are inside the Schengen state anyway, you can practically travel freely without needing your passport checked except in extreme security cases.

      Hope this helps!

  18. LUZILLE says:

    Hi! Thanks for your effort in trying to help. Question:1. Do I need to be assisted by a travel agency in applying for a schengen visa? 2. What is pencil footing for a flight booking, can provide more details instructions please? 3. How do you come up with an itinerary? Thanks much….

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi! To answer your questions:
      1. No need for a travel agency to assist you on this. Just follow the instructions here 🙂
      2. Pencil booking is basically saying that you will be taking that flight, but it will be tentative. You can do that in some airline sites. We did ours in KLM. No fee is required. What you will get is a printout saying that this is an intended flight plan.
      3. Itinerary can be something you make yourself based on dates you intend travel. Check in the supporting documents section of the article. There is a link there of a draft letter with attached itinerary.

      Hope this helps!

  19. Lhyne says:

    hi.. Im Lhyne, my bf po aq Italyano gusto po niya mg visit ako sa Italy,bali siya po lahat yung sasagot s lahat ng expenses q including my tourist visa,tickets,car,foods,hotel and show money in short lhat ng expenses ko papunta dun sagot niya. Isa po siya English teacher,at tourist leader at siya po yung mag sponsord skin mkapunta lang me dun.
    posible po ba aq mkapag apply ng tourist visa pra maka enter s Italy, wla po aq work at any bank accounts, required po ba talaga dpat n my show money pg mg tourist? Thanks po sana matulungan niyo ako.

    • rftreyes says:


      for this, you will need to secure a letter from your benefactor saying that he will shoulder all the expenses. He needs to write it to the consulate of Italy in the Philippines, and he needs to show various records of his residence there as well as financial means.

      I am not certain if they will grant it in this way, but it is worth a shot.

  20. deanna says:

    Hi thank you for your useful information! I have questions:

    1. is it okay for me to show only my bank certificate instead of bank statements and passbook? Because my friend will be depositing some funds into my bank account. will the embassy question the movements in my bank account?

    2. I am planning to travel to paris by December. Is it okay to apply a visa as early as now?

    if you could pls email me your answer it would be a big help for me. ([email protected])

    thank you so much in advance and more power!

    • rftreyes says:


      1. Yes a bank certificate should be good. Maybe as long as it is not deposited close to your application, it should be fine.
      2. If going to Paris on December, application might be suggested to be done 90 days prior to it. Any earlier and they might just tell you to go back again at a nearer date.

      Hope this helps.

  21. cielo says:

    Hi, my family will attend surprise birthday party of my mother in law in italy. I went online to get schedule for visa interview but according to the site, march and april have no available dates that can accomodate us. Please advise what to do. Thanks

    • lynne says:

      Hi Cielo,

      When is your mother-in-law’s birthday? Try calling the Italian Embassy directly instead of just going online. However, if they say there are no available interview dates, you’ll really have to follow the Embassy’s schedule. Visas are safe to secure 90 days prior to factor in any unforseen delays.

      Good luck!

  22. Krystal says:

    My whole family are working in Italy for many years,my parents,brothers & sister with their children.. As of now i have no work but my family have thier own apartment while they are staying there.. I have no bank accounts but my family shoulders all my expenses.. Ano po mga possible requirements ko,pra mavisit ko sila dun at magkavisa ako?? Thanks po

  23. arian says:

    Hi po,
    pasensya napo kung isa po ako sa maraming matanong.
    gusto kopo sana malaman kung paano po gagawin ko sa kapatid ko. 6 years napo ako sa italy at may life time permit. ksal sa isang italian. paano poba gagawin ko para makuha ang kapatid ko na nasa pinas? ang alam kopo may family visa na pweding iapply imbis na tourist. salamat po.

  24. Soaring Leopard says:

    Hi Lynne! I want to know how much possibility do I have in applying for a Schengen Visa? My husband is an American and I’m a Filipino, he wants us to travel to Europe for 3 weeks(France would be our first stop) while we are waiting for my U.S. Immigrant Interview in Manila. He will be paying everything incl. flights to more than 5 EU countries, hotels and activities. I have no job due to our pending US Immigrant Petition for now but I’ve worked in other countries and traveled to 16 countries (just in case both will help). Do you think I have a chance? I would appreciate to know what can you say about my concern. Thanks in advance.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. This is Ray. Regarding this, if it can be shown how you are related to your husband (marriage certificate, etc…) as well as a notarized letter that he is to shoulder all expenses as well as copies of his financial records, it may be sufficient.

  25. Sarah says:

    Hello po,

    Mga ilang days bago maissue yung visa? Pinepetition ko po kase yung asawa ko and I applied na through (PIASI) noong march 19,2015.

    Salamat po in advance.

    • lynne says:

      Hi Sarah. I’m afraid we’re not sure how long these things can take. These things can change without advise from the Embassy. But for sure, it can take up to several weeks before you hear back from the embassy. Good luck!

  26. melrose tabalno says:

    good day po meron po ksi akong bf from savona italy…we meet po sa chat lng…gusto nia pumunta ako sa italy through tourist visa for 90 days…sya po ang bahala sa gastos about sa pag alis ko…wla po ak job for now…ung about sa accomodation ko..dun po ako mg stay sa resort nya….ano po ung first step na gagawin ko ..need ko bang pumunta sa 3rd floor ALLEGRO CENTER para sa application form at other requirement….

    thanks po

  27. bhe says:

    hi can i ask ? i have bf in italy,,,he want me to visit in italy this year but he dont have bank statement ,,,he have credit card ? ask ko lng pd po b ung credit card ipasa sa embassy for tourist visa

  28. manuel says:

    Hello, I would like to share my story. I’m Manuel, an italian guy who got married with a filipino citizen in Australia. After a year of our civil wedding, we have decided to get married again in a church in Italy.

    We have decided to invite to our wedding her mother, her aunt and her cousin.

    After collecting all documents for the tourist visa, we apply for the visa in a office in Manila which works for the Italian embassy. In addition, my parents sign a form which sponsor them an accomodation during their 10 days trip exclusively in Italy.

    A month after we have applied for the tourist visa, my mother-in-law and her sister and son have been called for an interview at the embassy.

    Need to say that my mother-in-law and her sister run a farm meanwhile my wife’s cousin is unemployed.

    Couple of weeks after the interview, only my mother-in-law visa has been granted. Unfortunately, the other two visa have been rejected due immigration risk and not enough funds.
    The only way to appeal is thru the TAR of Lazio – it is an italian court. We can only appeal thru a registered italian lawer who costs around 1500 euro, in addition TAR of Lazio will reply within 5 months.

    We have decided to consult an international italian lawyer who advice us to pay 200 euro for sending a letter to the italian embassy of Manila, hopefully it will change the final decision.

    A week after the letter, we received an answer from the embassy which confirms their decision.
    My wife’s aunt and cousin cannot enter in Italy.

    Has anyone had the same experience? What did you do?

    • Ja says:

      same experience. Italian embassy in Manila does not care about third party letter (or bank amount certificate) where we grant financial coverage to the applicant. We already have 2 refusal letter in our hands…

  29. bhe says:

    hello gud pm ,,,ask ko lng if i needed travelling insurrance in visa with out ticket ,,,,,,booking ,,,,do i need to get inssurrance quickly ?

    hope u reply my question thank ,,u very much ,,,

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. Yes you need to get travel insurance.

      • bhe says:

        thanks ,,,once i get travel insurance ,,,,then im refused at the embassy means reject my visa ,,,can i refund ,,my insurance ,,,,?
        which travel insurance ,,,can refund the money ?

        thank u very much for reply

        • lynne says:

          Travel insurance can usually be cancelled free of charge but, you must ensure that cancellation is allowed by your insurance company to begin with. Schengen states also have a list of accredited insurance companies so please do research on which ones are listed for your country of destination.

      • Marilyn says:

        Hi ma’am my mother is an italian citizen …she send us a letter to visit in rome italy as a tourist and approved by the municipality of rome with stamp of marka de bolo… here is my question do I and my sister show our bank statement to have visa … pls. Reply thanks

  30. Sarah says:

    Hello po,

    My husband received a letter from the Italian Embassy noong March 26, 2015 asking to pay 390pesos for verification process. At the counter they asked him few questions such as where did we meet..and so on. He is applying for family reuinion visa.
    At March 30, 2015 he received a call from the Italian embassy asking him for an interview. Is it possible for that to happen?

    Thank you.

  31. bhe says:

    can i apply visa at the visa center with out appoinment? thank u very much for reply

    • rftreyes says:

      they really require an appointment to ensure a more streamlined and efficient transaction.

      • bhe says:

        hello ,,,once i got appointment ,,at tumwag ako sa knila ,,pd nb ako pumunta sa knila via center ,,,,kinabukasan or ,,,waiting pa sa schedule

        thank u

      • bhe says:

        hello ,,,once i got appointment ,,at tumwag ako sa knila ,,pd nb ako pumunta sa knila via center ,,,,kinabukasan or ,,,waiting pa sa schedule sila ba ang mgbibigay ng schedule?

        thank u

  32. Heath Toladro says:


    I would like to ask if I have to personally submit my requirements. Also, is it possible to call the embassy on April 22 then pick the April 29th slot for appoitment?

    Hoping to hear from you real soon. Thanks.


    • rftreyes says:


      Normally they will have to pick up the items from the location that you specify. Then an appointment is scheduled only when they ask for an appointment for further verification of any documents you have submitted.

  33. Heath Toladro says:

    So I can just consolidate my partner and my friend’s documents along with me and submit it?

    Also, did you mean that if I ask them to go to my Makati office to pick up the docs they would? Please clarify.

    Thank you very, very much!

    • rftreyes says:

      Yes. They will go to the place where you requested to have it picked up.

      Also, for every individual applying for visa, they have to be sealed in their separate envelopes. So if there are three of you, it needs to be three envelopes with their names in front.

  34. Heath Toladro says:

    Thanks for clarifying. Sorry if I have another list of questions as i’m on the process of filing our visa for our May 29 trip:

    1. Do they need the hotel bookings aside from plane ticket and detailed itinerary?

    2. How much does the Blue Cross travel insurance normally cost?

    3. Do we need a single or multiple entry visa if we are visiting Italy, France, Czech and Spain?

    Thank you very much once again.

  35. Heath Toladro says:

    Lastly (i hope so), they don’t need to get our biometrics like when you apply via swiss embassy?

  36. Heath Toladro says:

    Thanks for clarifying. Sorry if I have another list of questions as i’m on the process of filing our visa for our May 29 trip:

    1. Do they need the hotel bookings aside from plane ticket and detailed itinerary?

    2. How much does the Blue Cross travel insurance normally cost?

    3. Do we need a single or multiple entry visa if we are visiting Italy, France, Czech and Spain?

    Thank you very much once again.

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. Sure no problem.

      1. It would help if you have hotel bookings in your application already. What we did was we got hotel bookings from that can be cancelled within 14 days before intended stay in the hotel. That way there is a chance to refund it in case the trip does not push through.
      2. I can’t remember, but I believe it costs somewhere around PHP 4,000.00 per individual. It really depends on how long the trip is.
      3. When you are inside the countries that are part of the EU, they don’t check visas within the borders anymore. So once you are inside Italy and wish to travel to Spain, they will not check it anymore. For them to know what is the best Visa to give you, it is best to state all the countries and cities you are visiting in your itinerary. We have a sample cover letter and itinerary linked on this article for your reference 🙂

  37. Heath Toladro says:

    Super thanks!

  38. Heath Toladro says:

    Hi there,

    At which number should I call to set an appointment now that I already have all the requirements?

    Please advise.

  39. Heath Toladro says:

    Please disregard my previous inquiry. I reread your blog and got it. Thanks again

  40. Carmina says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Your article is very good and so are the question and answer is very helpful. A question that I have is: I am flying to London for a 3-month secondment around June to August. Since I am there already I would like to take some short trips to the nearby cities including Rome, France, Germany, etc. For this purpose I am planning to apply for a Schengen visa at the Italian embassy. I can get a cert of employment, bank certificates, etc. but I cannot get an approved leave of absence because I will be working ther and would only go on weekends. I also will not have a plane ticket from Manila to Italy and accomodation as I will be staying in London. Are they going to give me a visa in this kind of situation?

    Thanks in advance.


    • rftreyes says:

      This one is quite tricky as we have not tried applying this way.
      There is a chance that it can be approved, if you place in your cover letter the circumstance of your trips. Maybe an authorization from our employer that they are allowing you to take short trips on weekends might work 🙂 . And for the London thing, proobably if you can state where you are staying in London it will help.
      Let us know how it goes!
      – Ray

  41. aigail says:

    Hello po, naka receive po ako ng letter galing italian embassy thru courier,
    nakalagay po sa letter na may kulang po ako ipass na documents, yun po yung document verification(spouses), anu po ba kaya iyon? Yun po ba yung receipt galing nso? 390php po sya, pero sa receipt ko ay 140pesos lang.

    thanks po…

  42. Angel Reyes says:

    Hi! As per new policy of the Italian embassy the 7 days processing is suspended, they now require more or less than a month for the “verification process”. My question is, how long does it take to grant my visa? Because I’m afraid it might took more than 1 month for it to be granted. Any experiences, if you have received your visa after 3 weeks of verification? Please help. Thank you 🙂

    • lynne says:

      Hi Angel. Visa policies and procedures may really change every now and then. It might be best to get in touch with the embassy directly to ask.

  43. kiko says:

    I apply for family reunion last may 12 via piasi..and a letter came from embassy last may 16…iwas invited to have personal apearnce for my daughter and a verification fee for spouse and birtcert…mg coconflict ba sa visa ung flight booking na june 7…thankyou

    • lynne says:

      Hi. Best to call the Italian embassy directly. This is why we advise that plane bookings are not done before the Visa is granted and application is done at least 2-3 months before the intended trip. There are some airlines that allow flight cancellations free of charge but that depends on their cancellation policies.

      • kiko says:

        Ah ok you mean hindi na magiging problema or sakop ng embassy ung booking sa pag iissue ng visa … So its all my problem nlng mag pa rebook…thankyou

  44. kellogs says:

    Hi I would like to know if there is a better way to expedite my application.

    Application was lodged as of April 10. Departure date is on May 19 and I havent received any update.

    Is there a possibility that the visa will be released the same day of departure?

  45. John says:

    Hello po, magkano po ba ang minimum amount mo sa bank para payagan ka na makapunta ka sa Europe?

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. As per article:

      “A possible rule-of thumb is that you have to have some money in your bank account (that you will also submit BTW) and a credit card statement when you go out and get back home to the tune of PHP 100,000.00 per person for the first five days of your trip, and about PHP 5,000.00 for every day after. (Example. If you will be there for about 13 days, a comfortable combined bank account and credit card limit would be PHP 140,000.00 per person.”

      • Ja says:

        I believe this is the secret rule that italian embassy follows before stating on a visa request. Could you clarify where did you find it? Many italian embassies talk about these sort of limit, but the Embassy in Manila omit it

  46. Smile says:

    Thank you for publishing this article. I am currently employed but my boyfriend is working on the documents required for me to have a visit visa for at least 2 mos in italy. I will be studying italian language there, do i still need to have a proof leave of absence since i might just resign just in case? Thank you.

  47. Marian Joson says:

    Hi! My husband and all in-laws(Filipinos) are living in Italy now.Last year lng kami kinasal.Pero hindi pa ko mapetition ng husband ko kasi hnd pa narelease ung permit to stay nya na nirenew nya nung Feb 2015 pa.Ang gusto ng father-in-law ko(Italian National) e kumuha na ko ng tourist visa para mabisita ko sila.Should I get Tourist visa or Family reunion visa? Salamat po.

    • rftreyes says:


      If it is for immediate visit, tourist visa should work. Then you can work on the Family reunion visa afterwards.

      Hope this helps

      – Ray

  48. Malou says:

    Good evening. I meet this Italian guy and suddenly we fall in love with each other.
    He invited me to come to Italy…He talked to his boss and was able to get a vacant position from his current employer for me. According to him he will be the one to process my visa directly from Italy and this will cost around 4200 euros. He offered that he will shoulde the expenses including the plane ticket, but tole me if I can share around 500 euros. I did agree and ask him what’s next…

    According to him he will make application right away and within 1 week I give give to him my address and he will send documents through DHL. he will direct me where to sign and fill then afterwards I will take them to the Italiam Embassy in Manila for submission. then according to him he will give me date to take it there and I will have no interview whatsoever , since he will covering all that in Italy.
    According to him I don’t need to pay anymore since he will do everything in Italy.

    All I want to know if all he mention is TRUE…? I really need your advice before I will do necessary actions on the application.

  49. Elena says:

    Hi I’m Elena Yap married an italian foreigner asked ko lang po ma’am before nung hindi pa kami kasal pumunta kami ng asawa ko sa italaian embassy at nkausap namin ang consulate sabi po sa amin mgpakasal kami at ngpromise po ang consule sa amin na makakuha kami ng visa ng 2days pagktapaos namin ikasal kasi po buntis ako kaya nung bumalik asawa ko sa italy ako nlng po ang ng.intay sa marriage certificate namin kaso ang tagal ngayon ko lang po nakuha ang marriage certificate namin posible po ba ako makakuha agad ng visa kasi po 6months pregnant na po ako kaya minadali ko po.

    • lynne says:

      HI Elena. Congratulations on your marriage and your upcoming baby! Sorry but we’re not familiar with cases like this. It would be best to contact the Italian Embassy directly and inquire how to get an expedited Visa. Good luck!

  50. anniewales says:

    hi. I have read different stories of getting denied visa. what do you think is the possibility of granting visa with my profile as follows:
    I am a permanent government employee.
    I have approved leave.
    I have funds of less than 500K, with credit card limit of 70k (one 40k, the other 30k)
    I have my ITR.

    my itinerary as follows: Paris 6 days, Italy 7 days.. that’s why i am applying to italian embassy.

    thank you very much!

    • rftreyes says:

      It seems pretty ok. Only way to find out is to try 🙂

      • anniewales says:

        thank you for the reply.
        I didn’t mention that it’s my first time to apply for schengen visa and my travel history is only from 5 south east asian countries that do not require Filipinos for visa. I’m scared because I read that Italian embassy does not approve visa easily because of Filipino TNTs. I cannot change my itinerary to apply at French Embassy since I already have a schedule of appointment this coming July 2 and French embassy’s latest appointment is in late August.

  51. flybabe says:

    I have submitted bank statements to the Italian embassy for my tourist visa but they say they need to verify with my bank. can they do that?

  52. Juliet says:

    Hello! My boyfriend is Italian and I’m a Filipina, he wants me to visit in his country (Rome, Italy) to spend Christmas and New Year Holiday and also to get to know about his family. My query is, What are the requirements for tourist visa? (Including the cost and weeks of processing).

    I’m looking forward to hear from you. Grazie!

  53. BELLE says:

    Hello, I am 23 year old Filipina and my boyfriend is italian. Our relationship started online last February 2015 and he decided to come here on April because we both liked each other deeply and he wants to see if what he feels is true or an illusion. So as he went here, he stayed here for a month and we both loved each other. After a month he needs to go back to italy the next month. It was a torture not being able to be with each other so the next month he went back here and stayed again for 1 month. and then just recently he just went back to Italy. Now our plan is he wants me to visit Italy so I could meet his mom. I am not rich and my income is not high because I am only a online english teacher, but he says he will sponsor everything for me. What are the requirements for visa for sponsorship? I’ve heard that its really hard to go through italian embassy but I am hoping for the best. My boyfriend is 33 years old and owns a real estate company and sports complex so he is definitely capable of sponsoring my stay there.

    PS: Is it possible for me to stay there for 3 months long?

  54. Rowena says:

    A pleasant day!!!
    Hi maam Lynne, My queries is how long it takes to arrive in italian embassy philippines the letter of sponsoring for my italian boyfriend?
    Hoping for your quick response.
    Daghang salamat

    • lynne says:

      Hi Rowena. We’re not sure about how long this can take. Did he mail it to the embassy from Italy? I think this is more a courier or postal issue than something that is within the control of the Italian Embassy. Good luck!

  55. Marilou says:

    Hello..can i ask .how can make appointment to italian embassy..i check the online all date not avalaible..only jan next year avalaible date…wht can i do to my requirement to submit it and to make a book visit to italian embassy….my italian freind he want me to come over in palermo italy.this coming 1st week of november..pls help for this…thank you so much.god bless…

  56. Marilou says: mean i need to wait my book visit..on wala na bang ibang paraan to submit my requiresment in italian embassy…only in online booking visit….? Well thank you so much.for reply my freind his upset.his expecting me to spend his place in palermo…i hve another question.if i apply my visa next year.i need to make new invitation letter from him.or need new one…even my bank statement…anyway im already book visit on january 05.2016…im pity to my freind bcos his expecting me to come this coming november…anything u can suggest for to italian embassy wthout book visit..for me its ok i can wait till jan….but him his excited to meet me there…thank you so much and god bless .

    • lynne says:

      Hi. I’m afraid we don’t know any other way apart from booking with the Italian Embassy. If you will visit again and your visa will be expired for your next trip, you will have to go through the process again, even with the letter of invitation and the bank statements. Those documents need to be up-to-date (usually within the past 6 months) when you submit them to the Embassy.

  57. chay says:

    hi all creators and advise to this site you guys did help me to know for applying the visa

  58. Marga says:

    Hi, My bf and i are planning to go to Italy, Germany and France in Feb 2016. Our point of entry is Italy and shall be staying longest there so we will be applying at the Italian embassy .
    My question is, my bf’s income is not regular as he takes care of their family’s property. He does not have the required docs like itr and sufficient certificates to prove financial capability. On the other hand, my income is more than enough to cover us both in terms of docs. I have my itr, bank certificates, credit card statements and assets etc.
    Given these, can I just provide an affidavit of support for him with copies of my financial records.
    Would they require proof of my relationship with him?
    Appreciate your inputs! Thanks!

    • lynne says:

      Hi. Does your bf have a bank account that he maintains? Credit cards? The idea is to show that he is financially stable or has good credit standing with banks at least. That might help.

      You can submit your application as a joint one. Best to call the Italian embassy directly about this as submissiin procedures may have changed already.

      They might require proof or an explanation of your relationshop with him. Not sure what document this can be. Could be part of a cover letter maybe when you submit your docs.

      Good luck!

  59. Queso says:

    Hi. I will apply for Shengen visa in Italian Embassy. I have a few questions.
    1. I will go to Spain in between my stay in Italy, should I put this in my itinerary? Are there pros and cons on putting this?
    2. The range of my vacation will be approximately 25 days, should I complete my itinerary for the said 25 days?
    3. Should my Certicate of Employment have to indicate my salary?

    Your reply will be much of help. Thanks.

    • lynne says:

      Hi. The best thing is to be as transparent and honest with the embassy as much as possible so the more detailed your itinerary in terms of where and when, the better. We submitted our itinerary for 18 days when we did our trip. For the certificate of employment, again, the more detailed the better but it doesn’t necessarily have to state your income since you will nave other financial documents to support that part (bank statements, credit card statements, etc). What’s important is to show you have a job, how long you’ve been working there and what your designation is. The more ways you establish that you have ties in the country and that you have to come back, that would help.

      Good luck!

  60. Jean says:

    Hi miss, do you apply your visa sa via piasi? Pareho lang din ba sila ng processing date sa italian embassy or it takes time sa VIa? Nulla osta holder kasi ako, and matagal pa ung appointment ko sa embassy. Natatakot ako na baka abutin ako ng expire ng nulla osta na under pa ng processing ang papers ko. Please advice me naman oh

  61. Hi..i have a fiancé,italian and he wants me to visit him and his family in italy..he prepared all documents i need…but my problem is,i stop to working as up now.. wala ako income statement na maipapakita…sinusuportahan nya na lang ako buwan buwan…maaprobahan ba ako visa even wala ako income statement??nagaranti din siya ng bank insurance para sakin…

    • lynne says:

      You’ll need to establish that your trip will be financed by your fiance. You might have to look into separate requirements for a fiance visa if there is one. Best to get in touch with the embassy directly. Good luck!

  62. JoreAnne says:

    Hi po., gusto ko lang po itanong kung ano pong gagawin ko., graduate lang po ako ng vocational course at wala pang trabaho till now., Pano po ako kukuha ng ITR.,,?? meron po ako 200k cash on hand pero wala po akong bank account share ko po ito nung nabenta yung bahay namin,., at yung GF ko from Italy gusto ako i invite kahit sana 1 month lang.,., paki sagot naman po step by step kung ano pong gagawin ko.,., THANKS PO IN ADVANCE.,.

    • lynne says:

      Usually, you need to show that you can finance your trip and a bank statement is the best way to show that. You can deposit your money but they may also check how long you’ve maintained your financial record. Any other proof of income like payslips, etc. can help. Your job is to prove to the embassy that you are just going to visit and not to look for work there. Good luck.

  63. Marilyn says:

    Hi ma’am
    My mother is an italian citizen and she send us an invitation letter and approved by the muicipality of rome with marka de bolo…here is my question po do I and my sister need to show our bank statement to get a visa. What is the exact requirements to submit…hoping for your reply thank you po..

    • lynne says:

      How old are the people applying for a Visa? If you are working here, you have to show proof of emplyment and income. You need to show the embassy that you just plan to visit and are not planning on citizenship. You may still need to show bank statements. It would be best to get in touch with the Italian Embassy directly.

      • Marilyn says:

        Thank you ma’am for your reply I am 30yrs.old and my sister is 26 yrs. Old I am not employed but I have a small business…my sister manage only the farm of my mother…my last question is what my sister show to give her a visa nor she’s just only managing a farm … thank you

  64. Deanna says:

    Hi! Thanks for this useful info and guide
    I just wanna ask if am i required to submit my passbook or just a photocopy of it (certified true copy)? Hopingfor your immediate response. Thank you

    • lynne says:

      Hi. They usually require bank statements instead of the passbook. You can opt to bring the original passbook with a photocopy as back-up but a bank statement issued by your bank should suffice. Good luck!

  65. majo says:

    I hve italian boyfreind how he invited me go to italy

  66. Sherilyn says:

    Hello, can you advise how long usually ung processing ng Italian Embassy and alin mas mabilis or mas okay Italian or French Embassy? Sa Italian embassy, may interviews ba? or if needed lang for verifications? Looking forward to your prompt response. Thank you!!

    • lynne says:

      Hi Sherilyn. WE haven’t gone through the French Embassy yet so we really can’t say which one is better or faster. The Italian Embassy now requires an appearance. The duration of the application process is largely determined by the volume of applicants for that period. Best to get in touch with the Italian and/or French Embassy directly. Good luck!

  67. Deanna Sallao says:

    Hi! Thanks for a very informative blog. I would like to ask if via will check the amount in my passbook in comparison to the amount that was stated in the bank certificated that I have requested? Can I just bring a certified true copy of my passbook and the bank certificate? I took some of the funds out due to i need to pay some bills too. Can you pls help me with this?
    Thanks in advance

  68. Ana says:

    Hi, just want to ask,ng apply ang daughter ko sa italian embassy last oct 16 , sbi ok lahat ng papers nya, 3rd yr Medical student ang anak ko, meron cya multiple visa sa US at madami n npuntahan country, meron ako letter n kming mg asawa ang gagasta sa tour nya, 3 sila n classmate nya ang ng apply all medical student, Oct 29 nka recieve cya ng letter from embassy n pinapupunta cya/sila for interview, for my daughter to submit bank statement ng bank certificate ko, if i still have other ibank statements and properties. So submit nya uli
    Ito, my question is, mg iintay pa rin ba sila para malaan kung ma approve visa nila? 15 days lng sila mgtour.

    • lynne says:

      Hi. We’re not sure if they can find out during the interview if they are approved or not since we didn’t undergo the interview process back in 2012. From experience with the US Embassy though, if they ask you to leave your passport, that’s a good sign. Because if they return your passport, most likely, you’ve been declined. Thanks and good luck to your daughter.

  69. rkstrd says:

    Hi! I have some questions 🙂

    1 i’m still in college, but i have a friend who will help me fund my trip. Is it advisable to place the funds into my own bank account? So technically I’ll be supporting myself?
    2. If I do it (1.), do you think I have a chance of getting approved? And in doing so diba I won’t need to submit my parents’ bank statements, ITR, etc.?
    3. What documents do I need to submit if I’m a college student supporting myself?

    • rftreyes says:


      We haven’t tried this method but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      Also, if under the legal age, there is a chance you will also still need the a written consent from your parents regarding this application.

      Hope this helps and best of luck to your application!

  70. Tessa Legarda says:

    Hi good evening ask ko lang po may mag iinvite sa akin sa italy sabi ng friend ko amo daw po yung gagawa ng invitation hindi ko po sila kaklala posible po bang mabigyn ako ng visa sa ganoong paraan?Kompleto naman po ako sa mga requirements.

  71. Norma B. Sodoy says:

    Hi , can i ask if i need to have a bank account with at least 100k for the requirement even if my husband is working in italy and he invited me and my two kids for a short visit? I am working at a bank here and will just visit my husband there probably next year?

  72. rey says:

    If single ka, the chance is 90% you will not be granted visa.

  73. Mikaella says:

    Hi! My husband and I just got married 3 months ago. He’s a seaman and we want to travel to european countries for our honeymoon. But the thing is, I am currently unemployed bec my husband doesn’t want me to work anymore so I’m basically a “housewife” he will be the one to shoulder our expenses & we have enough funds naman sa bank account. Will they mark me as red flag being just a housewife? Pls answer po! Thanks in advance 🙂

  74. baye1703 says:


    I have just applied at the Italian Embassy and is waiting for approval. I was asked to get my passport one week from now. This is my 2nd Schengen visa application, but my first time to apply through the Italian Embassy. The 1st was through the Embassy of Greece (approved and I left last year). I usually apply for single entry for I am not comfortable seeking for multiple entries. I think applying for single entry has the highest possibility of getting my application approved. Based on embassy requirements, I am qualified- an employee, with savings in the bank, etc… My sister works in an international airline company and we are entitled to fly using airline privileges. If time permits, we can travel anytime. Preparing visa requirements is no joke and I thought of applying for multiple entries. But, I am not sure how to justify it. My family get very cheap airline tickets and this gives us the urge to fly frequently (sometimes just for the weekend). I find holding multiple-entry visas convenient like not having to wait for 3 months (getting a schedule is not always easy)… If you don’t mind, may I know what one has to do in order to make his multiple-entry visa application valid? What to put in his itinerary? Can you share some tips please? Thanks in advance =)

    • rftreyes says:


      We are not sure, but since you have a lot of historical information where you have traveled to the Schengen region several times, I think that may be good reason to be granted multiple entry visas 🙂

  75. Joy says:

    hello! i have some questions!

    1. I am graduating student and im planning to travel in italy this coming june. so wala po akong work or business. is it okay na passbook ng parents ko ang ibibigay ko kahit di sila sasama? bale shoulder nila ang expense ko.

    2. is it okay na hindi i follow yung itineray na binigay sa embassy?

    3. what if nagpa reserve ako ng hotel tapos approved na po yung visa ko, okay lang ba na sa friend ko sa italy ako titira? although di ko binanggit na i have a friend there.

    • rftreyes says:


      1. Yes it is ok. You just need to specify it in your cover letter that they are shouldering your trip.
      2. Yes it is ok not to follow the itinerary. After all, when you get to Europe, so many things can derail you from your plan. So many things to see 😀
      3. Yes it is ok also to do that if you suddenly change your mind.

  76. Joy says:

    pano rin po kung ang nilagay ko na travel date sa application is june 1- 15 tapos na approved na then there are some sudden changes sa date of travel. is it okay na june 3 na ako magpapabook talaga ng flight tapos uwi ng 15 kahit june 1 yung nka lagay sa application?

  77. Red Eilsel says:

    Hi, i applied for schengen 2wks ago and they asked me embassy for an interview…is it unusual to be called up for interview? And what questions will they usually ask?
    By the way ur article is very good and helpful. Thanks a lot!

    • lynne says:

      Hi Red. It’s not unusual to be called for an interview. During the year that we applied it wasn’t required. Now, an interview is part of the process though. They usually ask about the purpose of your visit, what will you do there, how long will you stay, and who you will be traveling with. This is why having a detailed itinerary helps. They may ask about your employment status, just so they can determine your source of income and how you will be paying for your trip expenses. This is the part where having your ITR, payslips, bank certificates, and certificate of employment (whatever is applicable) will prove most helpful. Good luck!

  78. Princes says:

    Hi..ask Ko lang po kung ano po mga requirements para naman sa country nang Liechtenstein..I have a Friend there and she want to meet me

  79. Ares says:

    hii what if i dont have a credit card but i will show sufficient funds on my bank acct to finance my travel? Will i still be approved? Pls help…

  80. Riiz says:

    Pwed po bang magamit yong land title na nka pangalan sa parents ko to prove na babalik ako dito sa Pilipinas?….sa italian embassy ako magaapply for tourist visa 45 days…. sponsored ng bf (Italian) lahat ng gastosin at accomodation ko…wla akong work sa ngayon at wla akong bank account…i mga docs na galing sa bf ko to prove his sponsorship..1. invitation letter (downloaded sa italian embassy-Manila website. ) 2. 3 months latest pay slips 3. Passport scanned (information page at yong page na may tatak to prove na galing cya ng pilipinas last dec. 4. Certificate from his coop sa work nya 5. National ID and residence certificate. 6. 2 way airline Booking ( temporary) 7. Travel insurance… Additional docs na ipapasa ko.. Print out ng emails namin at picture na magkasama kami dito sa Pinas at screen shot pic sa face time…ma’am do think ok na ang mga requirements ko… ?

  81. Claire F. says:

    Hi there! Sorry if im one of those with many queries.. btw thank u for ur advises it really helps.. now ako nman po which has question/s.. I am planning to file an application in an Italian embassy this coming end of june 2016.. I have already the requirements e.i,. bank statement which has about P1.8m balance, account in this bank started 2009 til present. I also have DTI and business registration, latest ITR, credit card statements and other concerns. The only thing that I can’t provide is the land or property title because I am still paying for it.. I own a car but it is not under my name also.. is it possible that I will be granted a visa with this kind of case? Do I really need to provide the title? Can I proceed with my application even without this property title? Thanks much po.. I am looking forward for ur kindest response.. Thanks again!

    • rftreyes says:

      Hi. I think these would suffice 🙂 What the documents really are for is to show sufficient income and that you have enough reason to go back after your trip. Best of luck. 🙂

  82. Claire F. says:

    Hi again..Btw this is my first time to travel in Europe. I have traveled abroad 8years ago only in some Asian countries, those that don’t require visa.. Thank you! Pls give me some advise.

  83. Marie says:

    Hi.i have a swedish boyfriend and he wants me to visit him in sweden. He is only working part time from monday to saturday, he has his own apartment. I am working as a nurse here and i do have bank account to. We agreed that i will be the one to shoulder my plane ticket going back and forth and i will stay with his apartment. This is second time if ever to apply. My first time was last year and it was sponsored by my sister in sweden. I met my boyfriend while im there. Does i have a good chance io be granted a 90 days visit to him? Thanks

  84. Lhaliene says:

    Tatanongin lang po sana ako Kung paano magpa schedule para sa visa kasi completo na po ako sa requirements ko

  85. Lhaliene says:

    Hi,I have a question about the visa,because it is my first time to get the visa,I have a complete papers and this is my question,how long I get my passport with visa and its up to me if when I schedule my interview,and I have some questions my papers they are processing in italy and my papers it’s complet now and how long I wait the visa ,it’s possible it I get my visa is 2weeks only?

    Please I need your advice…

  86. tom GLADY says:

    I’m shocked when I see how the embassy of Italy handle with Philippine people!
    We had just apply with my girlfriend for a visa just for 7 days to visit you beautiful country during the Summer .
    The visa was refuse twice time even if we give all guaranties that she will come back!
    She the Guarantee about :
    -her work,she has a high position and good salary in a big company
    – guarantee about her employer that she just do Holiday and come back after
    -same time she own a company and she shows the papers from her company that show that she have to come back because she has responsibility
    -I’m a European citizen living in Europe and I give my word and guaranty of salary too, that she will go back
    -we give the fly tickets go and return and not just a booking
    -the reservations from the hostel during the Holiday
    -the bank book…
    So we show that she have money and give all Guarantee that she will come back but the visa was again refused because they say they are not sure she goes back!! What guarantee more they need??it is just impossible to have more guaranties!
    If she can not get the visa with all this guaranties, who can get a visa?because I think only few people can give all the Guarantee we give?
    Ad they way the staff treat the people Which come apply for a visa is just a shame too!

    Sorry for my hard words but as a European people,I’m shame and scandalized about what happened and the way you treat the people.I think the people have to know what happened in this embassy.

    • lynne says:

      Hi. That is very unfortunate. We aren’t a website for the Italian embassy however and we don’t represent them in any way or capacity. Thank you.

  87. Drew says:

    Hi Liz, just wanted to ask if the embassy called your office/employer to verify the info on your COE? I work for huge corporation and our HR is centralized so certificates like those are issued by corporate HR based in Manila and some of the staff might not know me since I’m assigned to a provincial office so I’m just a bit worried that there will be issues if they call and ask questions about me.

    Also, my ITR (Form 2316) doesn’t have a stamp or signature since out company files taxes electronically and they just print out the copy when someone requests it. Is that okay or is there a chance that the embassy think it’s fake?

    • lynne says:

      Hi Drew,

      I’m afraid I don’t have information if the embassy called up our office regarding my employment so I can’t help you on that. I also am not privy as to what the BIR form is supposed to look like to be official. I just trusted that our finance and HR departments gave me a legit copy. Good luck.


  88. Cai says:

    Hi Ma’am,

    Good day. I would like to seek some advice regarding applying for Tourist visa for Italy. I am currently working as HR Officer in one of reputable and known Private Non-government Organization here in the Philippines for almost 5 years. My Italian boyfriend invited me to visit him and meet his family this coming Yuletide season. We’ve been together for 2 years and he visited here 4x times already. We visited some tourist destination here in the Philippines and also out of country trip. He will sponsor all my expenses for this trip from food,lodging and etc. I have my bank account but doesn’t have enough savings more or less 50K only . Is still there chance that they will grant my visa even though i don’t have enough money for this trip and my boyfriend will guarantee that he will sponsor all my expenses.

    Highly appreciate your response.

    Thank you so much.


    • lynne says:

      Hi Cai,

      Unfortunately we don’t have experience about having someone sponsor our trip. But I think the fact that you have had regular employment for almost 5 years is a plus. As long as the other requirements are met, there may be a chance. You could also try calling them to ask if there are additional requirements if someone will be sponsoring your trip. Good luck!

  89. Chyke says:

    Sharing with you the whole process I recently went through in getting a schengen visa via Italian Embassy.

  90. YAM says:


    My parents applied and they don’t received any email from the embassy if its DENIED. They just stamped the passport something like “ITALIAN EMBASSY CHECKED”. We SEND AN EMAIL BUT NOBODY REPLY. Hope someone can help us and explain what’s the meaning of it.

    Im just sharing our experience.


  91. Jeff P. says:

    Hi, first that was a nice read. Thank you. would they have any issue for first time traveler? I never had a trip abroad. My friend is inviting me there and i have all the necessary requirements for the application and finances to support my trip. Hope you can read this. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • lynne says:

      Hi, sorry to reply only now. If you have all the documents and proof that you can support your trip and will be coming back after, there should be no problem. I mean, our opinion is not a guarantee but we feel if the embassy sees everything is in order and that you are honest about everything, there is a greater chance of a visa being granted. Good luck!

  92. lorena says:

    Hi! Question lng po sana mabasa mo ang tanong ko at msagot mo po 🙂

    What airlines / agency did you use po to go to Europe? Gumamit po kayo ng or TripAdvisor ? I’ve been searching sa cebu pac, PAL, etc wlang flights to Europe 🙁

    Pls help po 🙂 Badly needed 🙂 My cousin and I will applly npo soon for our Schengen Visa 🙂

    Thank u

  93. Allan Padan says:

    Greetings of peace and joy!
    This has reference to my Schengen visa application which was refused. After the laborious preparation of the needed documents/requirements, and the energy-sapping trips to the Italian Embassy for the submission of said documents and the interview, my visa application was denied. I received the not-so-good news last Nov. 2, 2016. The following were given as reasons for the refusal: “the information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of the expected stay are not reliable” and “your intention to leave the territory of Member States before the expiry of the visa cannot be ascertained”.

    I am a law-abiding citizen and I have no intention of destroying my reputation. All I want is for me to bring into a meaningful reality my dream tour while I still have the luxury of time in that I can still support endeavors of this kind. I would like to humbly resquest your assistance on how I could possibly acquire said visa. I am afraid I might not be able to beat the 60-day appeal period.

    Allow me to express at this point my profound gratitude in anticipation to your most favorable response.
    More power!

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