A Return Visit to Our Dear “Ninong” with Don Papa Rum

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Don Papa Rum on En Route Ninong Cocktail Recipe-8499It was high time to pay a return visit to “Ninong”. After all, this pseudo-En Route original has become a staple in some gatherings, and some friends have had the pleasure of having “Ninong” grace their wedding! Yeah, that wedding totally rocked.

Now there’s a new classy man in town. Don Papa rum has been making waves in the industry for its exceptional taste and its small-batch processing from the famous lands of Negros in the Philippines (they must have great sugar cane plantations there to make these liquid gems). It is so clean, sweet, and smooth that people have taken it neat or on the rocks.

And since the base liquor of En Route’s “Ninong” is rum, what better way than to give it an upscale, bourgeois twist, fitting for the distinctive taste buds of those who love Don Papa?

So one trip to the grocery, and here are the ingredients purchased to make it:

Ang Don Ninong:

  • Two shots Don Papa Rum
  • One shot Amaretto
  • One fresh orange,
  • One half of a fresh lime
  • Matches (Trust us)



Peel away a skin of the orange about twice the size of a band aid using a sharp knife. It will be used later.

With a juicer, juice the orange and lime and pour into a rocks glass.

Pour the Don Papa rum and amaretto. Add ice and stir slowly.

Now what to do with the orange peel…

Flame it up, rub the peel around the rim of the glass, and drop into the drink.

This was a trick seen in some of the speakeasies we have visited around the world. It gives a smoky aroma and that slight burnt sugar taste that just brings the drink to a different level. Plus it looks cool, too.

Since we are working on our high speed camera taking skills, let this video suffice for now to show you how to do it (Please don’t burn your kitchen down in the process. Practice near the sink)

Video Source: Chow Tips:


A big shout-out and endless thanks to the people who have given us these exquisite rocks glass as a wedding gift. As it is proper, it is best to keep them anonymous (except for the folks of Team Ketlog’s of 121 Grille infamy. You guys are awesome!)


Don Papa Rum on En Route Ninong Cocktail Recipe-8502


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