Magnum Pleasure Cafe Opens in Manila

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When Magnum ice cream bar came to Manila, it came with one hell of a bang. Controversy followed suit about how can an ice cream bar elicit so much pleasurable raves and unforgettable indulgences.

And they kept on coming with new flavors.

Now, as if like to make the statement, The Magnum Manila Pleasure Store will open soon in SM Aura,

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-7921Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-7930

The Magnum Manila Pleasure Store is a global concept that has been tried and tested, with everyone coming in droves to get a taste of what can really be done with the (in)famous ice cream bar. And it is an interesting concept, too. Here’s a list of where it was done:

Amsterdam, Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Helsinki, Paris, New York, Milan, London, Istanbul, Hamburg, Cannes, Singapore (three times in Sinagpore!), Jakarta

Like all indulgent and sinful things, it is a fleeting concept that intentionally doesn’t stay long in a place.

For Magnum Manila, they will only be open for one year, and they will be gone… maybe for good.

Magnum Manila’s Pleasure Store opens April 8, 2014, promising a free create-your-own Magnum for the first 500 guests. Also, there is more than just Magnum ice cream bars here, as some chefs from Manila like pastry chef Miko Aspiras and chef Him Uy De Baron of Nomama and Rustans Makati East Cafe fame were tapped to make a great hot meals menu that has burgers, pastas, fish, and steaks, to complement your ice cream indulgences.

Here are some insights from an exclusive sneak peek on how to maximize your pleasurable experience at Magnum Manila.


1. Choose your indulgences wisely

You are allowed a maximum of three different kinds of toppings (although nothing is stopping you from getting just one), you can pick the kind of ice cream (plain vanilla or chocolate), the dip (white, milk, classic, limited edition gold), and then drizzle it with another flavor. So yes it can get very overwhelming.

Remember that Magnum is itself a very creamy, indulgent ice cream. So you will want to balance it out with great toppings. If you are the one who wants to go on a massive sugar and chocolate overload, marshmallows and chocolate nuggets are available.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9821 Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9820

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-7936 Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9845

For those who want a great dimension of flavors, balance the chocolate out with something fruity like their frozen raspberries and crunchy honeycomb, or some crushed pistachios and a drizzle of dark chocolate with sprinkled sea salt.

And with that, you will get just an unbelievable permutations of flavors, textures, and color. The resulting personal magnums are astounding…

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9843

… and all of this for just PHP 100.00 for every personalized Magnum you make. Not bad when you come in here in a group, which leads to the next part:

2. Always Enjoy it in Groups

Seriously… you are not going to gorge on all that sinfully luscious frozen treats alone, are you? You have to share it with friends, and compare what you guys come up with. Just look at what can come out with even just three variations:

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9838

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9830


Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9840

Never, ever think you will be able to take on all of this alone, unless you want to make a name for yourself as the one who has taken it all to himself to find out all the combinations for self indulgence.

Doesn’t have a good ring to it, right?


3. Get some of Magnum Manila’s Creations

These creations are just ice cream porn at its finest, and great for sharing, too!

Take these first two for example:

The Rainbow Dream (PHP 250.00) and the Death by Chocolate (PHP 250.00)

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9862 Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9854

All of these are good enough for two to three people to gang up on, and will find their own fans. The Rainbow Dream with its mesmerizing colors and sugary sweetness, and the Death By Chocolate? Self explanatory.

The Death by Chocolate though has a chocolate brownie that has a hint of saltiness to take away to cloying sweetness that is the chocolate Magnum topped with dark chocolate nuggets. They thought this over so that you end up eating more that what you should, and still end up thanking them in the process for the experience.

And if those are not enough….

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9867 Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9849

Personally, these two are the stars of the dessert menu: The Cookie Dough Skillet (PHP 250.00) and the Pink Friday (PHP 290.00)

Cookie Dough Skillet with two pieces of Magnum vanilla flavor on a hot, steamy bed of fresh cookie dough, half cooked to get the ooziness, you can wait for the ice cream to melt over and enjoy it like the ice cream slave that you ought to be, or bite a bit of vanilla ad stuff yourself with a spoonful of warm cookie dough. You hear that? That was the other table moaning after taking a mouthful

(Wow this section sounded dirty… in a good way.)

And for the Pink Friday? Creamy Magnum vanilla ice cream over a cheesecake on strawberry syrup garnished with fresh strawberries and graham crumbs, finished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It’s like a frozen aphrodisiac where the intention of the Pleasure Makers of Magnum Manila is to get you going.

Oh wait, before you are done with all of these….

4. Come Back For More.

Magnum Manila is like a short time lover: always fun to be with, with a little love-hate here and there, and yet you would want to make the most out of it for it will only be around for one year, never knowing if you will meet again.

Come back for more of those tempting drizzles. Dip into the other chocolate shell variations. Bite, slurp, and lick everything dry from the plate if you want. No one is judging you. You can bet that everyone is doing the same.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9826 Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9874

Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-9871

Here’s to April 8, 2014, and congratulations to #MagnumManila

Magnum Manila’s Pleasure Cafe is located at the 5th floor of SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines (it is actually near another great restaurant: Coca)

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