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Kitayama Meat Shop Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo Makati Philippines-7379Wagyu beef gets great raves for the meat tenderness and spectacular marbling.

Literally translating to Japanese cow, wagyu is normally seen in the more high end steak shops (like Wagyu Stone Grill), and commands a relatively high price depending on the grade of marbling (probably due to import taxes and other duties).

When you think about it, though, no one is stopping anyone from getting some of these bovines and raised in the luscious lands of the Philippines, and this is what the people from Kitayama Farms have done.

Hailing from the rich lands of the Bukidnon province in Mindanao, Kitayama Farms’ cattle frolick around the field and stay merry until the ultimate sacrifice is done for the enjoyment of the Philippine food consuming public.


Kitayama Meat Shop Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo Makati Philippines-7384

The good people of Kitayama farms have set up shop in Makati City, selling all things wagyu, and then some. First experience with them was when Mr. Delicious used some Kitayama Wagyu to make this glorious hunk of a corned beef that make every day a special moment.

And then Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama Quezon City used wagyu butt cheeks for his fusion beef ramen, and still retained softness with flavor.

It was high time to get some for personal use.

Kitayama Meat Shop Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo Makati Philippines-7376

Detour: Lucky to get some great lessons when the owner was in the shop. To get great marbling, it’s not about how you raise the cattle, it’s about tracing the cattle’s lineage. And all this time we thought all you needed to do was have the cow lazy-away like how some humans turn into sedentary couch potatoes with chips and beer. Humans get their marbling that way, you’d think it would be the same with cows.


Kitayama Meat Shop Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo Makati Philippines-7381Ten minutes in the shop, and out with about 1.6 kilos of some Grade 6 wagyu sirloin for a special Beef, Beer, and Bacon dinner. Oh, and there are other stuff in the meat shop, too! Like some English breakfast sausages, Carmen’s Artisanal Ice Cream, and Hitachino brand of beer (probably in partnership with Global Beer Exchange. Visit their shop for manly, no-wimps-allowed beers).


Beef Beer and Bacon Party-7421

The end result of one visit to Kitayama Meat Shop.

Even as a sirloin, as long as you have sufficient marbling, and cooked Gordon Ramsay style (we tried our very best to replicate it), you will get taste worth crossing your eyes for (some friends loved it. Hope they weren’t just being polite).

1 inch thick cut of an 800 gram (Yes, 800 grams was just one piece. And we got two!) wagyu steak, partnered with mashed potatoes or some Crispy Salami Pasta. This is a great weekend treat.

Finally, a wagyu shop by the Filipino, for the world. Looking forward to getting more from this meat shop, and you should, too!

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 Kitayama Meat Shop Chino Roces formerly Pasong Tamo Makati Philippines-7380Kitayama Meat Shop is located at Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), Makati City. It is across Shakey’s in Makati Cinema Square (if you have been to Izakaya Kikufuji, it is almost across it.)

Tel. Nos. +632-887-5848

Open from Monday to Thursday, 10:00am to 6:00pm

Friday to Sunday, 10:00am to 7:00pm. They do deliveries for a set amount, too!

Check out their Facebook Page at

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  5. Fernando Yu says:

    Do you have sales outlet here in Mindanao. Im based in Zamboanga City, I am planning to put up a Steak House here and looking for supply of Wagyu beef

  6. Donald says:

    I’m in the USA how do I get some

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