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This surprisingly simple recipe is way overdue for featuring here in En Route!

Beer is such a very popular drink that it has been made all over the world. However there are times when you would want a little twist in your cheap beer using cheap ingredients, so here is one thing you can easily do at home!

This takes inspiration from the popular cocktail Monaco. However since real grenadine is a bit more expensive and not as accessible, This is where powdered juice is heaven sent. Desperation is the mother of alcohol experiments. 

Technically, you can use any flavor for it, but in our countless experiments, strawberry has been found to provide quite an addicting kick. So without further adieu…






Strawberry Flavored Beer (Serves One)

  • One bottle of beer. Preferrably cheap and tasteless. In the Philippines, San Mig Light and Coors Light fits the bill
  • One Teaspoon Strawberry flavored powdered juice. Locally, it is Tang and Kool Aid. Just get the sachet unless you are planning to serve an army.
  • One glass and something to stir (Totally necessary. Tell you why in a bit)
  • One Shot Vodka (Optional. Only for those who want more buzz. The general term for them are alcoholics 😛 )
  1. Drop a teaspoon worth of powdered juice in the glass. For alcoholics, you can drop the vodka shot in this too. Stir until mixed well.
  2. Tilt the glass and slowly pour the beer along its side. It is very important to do so. Pouring it straight will cause a mountain of fizz. This is why you cannot just drop the powdered juice into the bottle as well.
  3. When it is half-full, stir slowly. Stirring faster just creates more fizz.
  4. Slowly pour the remaining beer into the glass
Let this be part of your chill nights with friends or when you begin throwing a party at home. Add some home cooking get to impress your friends.

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