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En Route Whale Shark Butanding Tuki Watching Oslob Cebu Philippines Cover

    One of the activities you can do if you are having a nice relaxing stay in Bluewater Sumilon Island would be to go on an early morning boat trip to the nearby town of Oslob, Cebu, and watch the baby whale sharks as they come so close you can almost touch them. In […]

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Bagac Bataan Philippines Cover

This year of 2012 seems to be especially focused on the re-discovering of the identity, culture and pride of the Filipino. What with the appreciation of craftsmanship like that of Wilson’s Shoes in Cubao, and then the creation of Katipunan Craft’s Indio Pale Ale for the growing market of the discerning craft beer industry, and […]

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Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort Sumilon Island Oslob Cebu Philippines-thumbnail

Bluewater Sumilon provides you 24 hectares worth of proof of how beautiful the Philippines is. It’s seriously one of the most breathtaking places En Route has been to.

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St. Martin de Tours Taal Basilica Taal Batangas Philippines Cover

So once again, work has given the opportunity to see a place that i full of history, like those one-day trips to Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan, or that back-breaking one-day trip, which resulted to a visit of the historic Hill Station in Baguio. This one has been on the sights since it is considered […]

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Arena Island Private Resort Narra Palawan Philippines Cover

In this modern day and age, where everything can be demanded and completed from a click of a button or a swipe of a finger, it’s ironic how such convenience and efficiency causes detachment from peace and tranquility. And we all believed the sales pitch that it was supposed to give it. Maybe it was […]

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Davao Day 1_120428-152thumbnail

One of the largest cities outside of Manila, Davao boasts of so much beauty and adventure for any kind of travel. It just proves that it’s more fun in the Philippines!

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Barasoain Church Barasoain Malolos Bulacan Philippines Cover

Click the image for a full-sized panorama. How timely that this post is coming out nearing the celebration of Philippine independence, even if these pics have been taken way back during summer during anoher one of those “one-day, town-to-province-to-town” trips (Like that one-day Baguio trip that resulted in a lunch at Hill Station). For most […]

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En Route Signs and Sightings - Dumaguete Cover

Dumaguete is known as the City of Gentle people. While there were not much interactions with the locals in this overnight trip, it really is a place that is friendly to both locals and visitors One thing interesting is that it has a J.P. rizal St. like all other towns, but these are just one […]

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En Route Go Hotels Dumaguete Near Robinson's Place Dumaguete Dumaguete City Nergos Oriental Philippines Cover

Admittedly, after doing some research on the average rate of comfortable but value for money hotels in Dumaguete City, Go Hotels was not one of the priorities on the list given it seemed too over-commercialized a choice. This was also after hearing some not too commendable stories on the build quality and comfort of stay […]

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Dos Palmas Araceffi Island Palawan Philippines-1800

Like the Oakwood in Premier Makati and Manila Peninsula, Dos Palmas has its own stories of controversy. From the abduction of tourists by terrorist groups last 2001, and the untimely death of a promising celebrity, its beaches can just speak volumes of stories. Makes you wonder if people still go to the place. More than […]

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Iwahig Prisoner Penal Colony and Farm Puerto Princesa City Palawan Philippines Cover

Could it be that the best way to return criminals back to society is to slowly give them back their dignity in order to start life all over again? One system of the Philippines’ Bureau of Corrections seems to think so, and the progress of the Iwahing Penal Colony and Farm in Palawan might be […]

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Irawan Palawan Crocodile Farm Irawan Puerto Princesa City Palawan Philippines Cover

The Philippines as a nation is very passionate about its political landscape. And quite rightly so since elected or hired government officials are expected to be in that position for their desire to be a public servant. However, most, if not all Filipinos, feel that they do otherwise, and accusing the very people they elected […]

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En Route 1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die Cover

So we stumbled upon this piece of literature that with its size, can act as a door-stop or a baby booster seat:  . It is quite the engaging book with breathtaking photos and enriching trivia about the natural world there is to explore. It even breaks it down by continent/region (I’m assuming that the last […]

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En Route La Union Surfing Jan 21-23 2012 Photo Gallery-3011thumbnail

There is always much to do and much to see up in La Union. Whether you’re there to surf or just chill out, boredom will be far from your thoughts. Just about 6 hours from Manila, La Union is a perfect destination for those long weekends.

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Corregidor Island Adventure Tour-30 thumbnail

Get first-hand history lessons as you embark on an exciting exploration of Corregidor Island in their Adventure Tour!

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En Route Town of Guian Samar Philippines Cover

  As mentioned in the Calicoan Surf Camp post, there are other things to be done around the area if you are not the intrepid surfer. With just minutes of driving, you can head to the town that hosts the resort: Guiuan of Eastern Samar. Coming from Leyte, from the moment you pass the San […]

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