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Power Lunch Specials at Long Bar Raffles Hotel Makati Philippines-6676

Power Lunch is often defined as a somewhat high-level business networking / meeting / congregation over an extended lunch period. This lunch period can last somewhere to the tune of three hours, as you build your case or continue your networking engagements in the hopes of achieving results. Some even go all the way until […]

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Homemade Treasures Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Roll Philippines Cover

During one get together, a good friend mentioned that there is this brand of home-made, non commercialized ensaymada and cheese rolls that just need to be ordered as a small treat once in a while. It comes from Pampanga so it needed some advanced booking if ever you wanted to get a piece of it. […]

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Laduree Macaron from Paris France Cover

This was given as a gift by a friend who shares the same enthusiasm of the dreams of this blog reaching the shores of France.   Laduree is actually a French brand of luxury pastries, but they are known also for making some of the best macarons in the world. There are outlets already in […]

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Lolo Dad's Cafe Manila 2013 Valentine's Menu Cover

AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2013, THIS PLACE HAS ALREADY CLOSED. It seems only fitting that for our first Valentine’s as a married couple, we bring you something that is a milestone in itself when you finally get to try it.  Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Lolo Dad’s. Before the two of us even got […]

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Indulgence by Irene Queso de Bola and Chocnut Cheesecake Philippines Cover

This might be one of the best desserts to come out this 2012. Home-made wares actually are one of the best ways to find hidden gems. Just look at these: Baby Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake Mr. Delicious’ Philippine Wagyu Corned beef Over the past few months of this writing, Facebook feeds from friends were raving about […]

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Selecta Magnum Choco Cappuccino Flavor in the Philippines Cover

    This flavor seemed to sneak into the market a few months ago and into grocery stores without much of a stunt compared to the other Magnum flavors that made a controversial bang. Keeping a low profile for a change to silence the haters? Selecta now brings in this Magnum Choco Cappuccino flavor to […]

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Hibok-hibok from Cainta and Taytay Rizal Cover

    It’s been quite some time since a Philippine native dessert delicacy was featured here. But since there was an opportunity to purchase a PHP 600.00 bilao worth of this chewy, gooey, coconut-flavored calorie mini-monsters, what better way than to share the goodness through pictures? What you see here is what people in the […]

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Sans Rival and Silvanas Cakes and Pastries Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Philippines Cover

When in Dumaguete, aside from chomping on the native delicacy Bud-Bod Kabog, never miss out on the sweet, buttery goodness of Sans Rival and Silvanas from Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries. An institution that started in Dumaguete in the 1970’s, Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries has churned out countless Sans Rival Cakes and Silvanas that […]

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How to Make A Coco Coffee Choco Martini Dessert Drink Cover

Had this experiment way back in 2008 during the hey-days of the sudden desire to concoct different alcoholic drinks (although to be quite frank, nothing has really changed much since then). This one is on the very sweet side, and will work as an after-dinner drink to keep the good times rolling. Since milk adds […]

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Binggrae Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich in the Philippines Cover

And so the quest to taste some not-so-common ice cream and ice cream bars found in the Philippines continues. This effort just came out because of so much controversy over the introduction of the Magnum ice cream bars by Selecta, that it has actually caused quite a divide on whether it was just overhyped that […]

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Binggrae Encho and Melona Ice Cream Bar in the Philippines-thumbnail

We can’t deny it that Korean popular culture or K-pop has already taken Manila by storm.  Can you say kimchi? For us at En Route, while we glimpse a few Koreanovela episodes every now and then, and go for the occasional bulgogi, the next closest we’ve gone to appreciate what’s from Korea is to eat […]

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Baker's Hill Palawan Mitra Road Sta. Monica Puerto Princesa City Palawan Philippines Cover

While touring Puerto Princesa City, one of the places that shouldn’t be missed (especially if you have kids) is the popular Baker’s Hill and Restaurant. It is just beside the Mitra’s Ranch that is normally part of a tour package. One thing that makes Baker’s Hill in Puerto Princesa popular are the baked goodies. Although […]

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En Route Magnum Ice Cream Bar by Selecta Unilever in the Philippines-thumbnail

Magnum is the latest ice cream craze from Selecta! Choose from 3 flavors: Classic, Almond, and Chocolate Truffle. Made with Belgian Chocolate, it’s indulgence in a bar.

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En Route Patchi Chocolate Cover

Patchi Chocolates have been in the Philippines for a couple of years already. Its unique value proposition? Some of the best chocolate indulgences you will ever sink your teeth into. Patchi started in Lebanon and now has over a hundred boutiques around the world. These are premium chocolates meant to be savored with every bite. […]

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Spoon is Flat Cupcakes-6 thumbnail

Thinking of gift ideas this Christmas? Doesn’t matter if it’s for yourself or for others. :P What matters is that the cupcakes from Cupcake Boutique are all so good and worth it!

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En Route Gayuma Ni Maria Maginhawa Street Quezon City Philippines Cover

People have always been drawn to the mysteries and taboo ideas of witchcraft and old wive’s tales, particularly ones that involve the play in the laws of love and attraction. It is no wonder then that Gayuma ni Maria invites intrigue for would-be diners, even if it moved from its old place in the Katipunan […]

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