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Burger Bar Restaurant Makati City Philippines-7452

  It’s been quite some time since a burger joint has been in topic here. While there are some that has its fans, it will be BRGR: The Burger Project and the sadly closed Boulevard Diner ( which has now morphed into Burger Company in Quezon City. Gotta schedule a visit ) where loyalties will […]

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Florence Italy Spring 2013-thumbnail

Apart from bag-hunting, Tuscany’s Firenze is just teeming with so many things to do.

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During our brief stay, all we had was glorious sunshine. It was so glorious that the parks were full of people, locals and tourists alike, basking in its rays. It was like looking out on a beach, with girls sunbathing in their bikinis, guys walking topless, European teens (mostly guys) introducing themselves randomly to other groups (mostly girls) – all minus the actual beach.

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Lynne: It’s pretty clear that Rome wasn’t built in a day. But we sure tried to tour the main attractions in one day! Our feet and legs don’t particularly love us right now but our eyes have done nothing but take in all the impressive architecture, new and old, ruins, basilicas and statues alike. Rome […]

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Ray: 8:30pm in the Civitavecchia train station, eating reheated margherita pizza, waiting for the train to take us to Rome. That’s part of figuring out your way around as travelers, I guess. It’s not so bad at all. We get to practice our Italian in asking for directions We keep on mentioning this Chee-vee-ta-ve-kia place […]

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Lynne: By this time, we’ve taken 3 planes, 1 high-speed train, a scattering of cab rides here and there, and numerous metros. Transportation options are just numerous, each one providing its own level of convenience and excitement. Capping off our brief ham-filled Barcelona stop, we take things to the sea as we now board a […]

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Reopened Breakfast at Antonio's Tagaytay Philippines Cover

Fans of the original cliffside site of Breakfast at Antonio’s are rejoicing with its reopening. After all, it just died down without much reason, with some people who are not in the know thinking that it never got the same appeal as the Antonio’s Restaurant tucked away in the villages of Tagaytay.   But how […]

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En Route Stumbles Upon Route 66 of America Cover

Ah yes. The American open road. Songs and movies have been made, drawing inspiration from the dream of just riding it out from the West Coast down to the East, in search of new adventures. But depending on the place in America, most of the open road looks like this: There was this quote by […]

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Aria Italian Restaurant Bonifacio High Street Centrale Taguig Philippines-7

I have a few staples when it comes to a beach vacation.  I need a beer or any other alcoholic drink in hand, a lounge chair, lots of inactivity, sun, sand, and sea. When it comes to Filipino beaches, we will always give Boracay as an example.  It has long been the top of mind […]

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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant in Manila Philippines Cover

And the inflow of foreign restaurant branches continue to pour into the Philippine food scene. For the last part of 2012 to early parts of 2013, Philippines based The Bistro Group of TGI Fridays fame has been busy bringing in and creating new restaurant concepts for the sit down, non pretentious casual diner. Modern Shanghai […]

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En Route Poco Deli 21 C East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo Pasig City Philippines Cover

This post is long overdue (like about a year or two), but it just cannot be stressed enough even with all the raves and blogs already giving this place high regard: Poco Deli in Kapitolyo Pasig is all that a comfy neighborhood deli should be. Delicatessen is a term meaning “delicacies” or “fine foods”, with […]

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Mesclun Restaurant Linden Suites Ortigas Center Pasig Philippines Cover

When people first hear the term “hotel restaurant”, there are a few words that pop out: Exquisite Extensive Extravagant Exclusive Expensive After all, the very hotels that come into mind would be those like The Peninsula, Sofitel, Banyan Tree, or Shangri-La. So the restaurants that are associated with it such as Escolta, Spiral, Senju, Red, or […]

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Tuscano Italian Restaurant Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines

This post is dedicated to a newly found foodie couple who felt totally victorious when they found out that they were able to suggest something that was worth featuring in En Route. (You know who you guys are. ‘Till the next food trip! ) Admittedly, even with a bit of research about Tuscano, not much […]

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A Night with the Trufflefinder at Brew Bar Speakeasy Edifice Studios Chino Roces Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City Philippines

Most of us know truffles as either the oil used to give an exquisite flavor on French or Italian dishes (like Italian truffle oil pizza), or as a chocolate truffle dessert that normally has a rich, rounded taste variation of chocolate. But the real truffle is actually this rare fungus that grows near the trees […]

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Harvest Comfort Food Restaurant and Bar Grand Hamptons Tower Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines

Don’t we all look for a no-fail place, where we can hang out with good friends, get some tasty meals, indulge in some good drinks or distinctive beers, and just relax in the overall vibe of a music that matches the good taste of the food? People will always have that sanctuary of comfort. It […]

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Mana-ish and More Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant 20 Jupiter Street Makati City Philippines Cover

AS OF OCTOBER 25, 2013, IT WAS DISCOVERED THAT THIS PLACE HAS CLOSED Let’s be real. Not all of us would think a place holds some exciting flavors from non-familiar lands if the logo design looked like this: The cartoonish letters mixed with basic colors shined in light box style makes it look more like […]

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