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71 Gramercy Makati City Philippines-2239

“See you at the top.”     To those who follow the Manila club scene, this statement is all too familiar. 71 Gramercy is the premiere club on the top floor of the highest building in the Philippines: Gramercy Residences. Named after the floor where it is situated, it has played host to the clubbing […]

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The World On Your Plate at Escolta The Peninsula Manila Makati City Philippines-8624

The Peninsula Manila has been one of the more top-of mind hotels lately for family staycations. Can’t seem to pinpoint the reason for such. It might be because of the excellent location at the Makati business district (which, by the way, is soooooo lovely to stroll around and discover some bars and restaurants on Saturday […]

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Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant Makati City Philippines-7352

  Chihuahua has gained its loyal band of followers. Some debate that it is the best Mexican restaurant in Manila (Chihuahua humbly proclaims it is not authentic Mexican but more of Tex-Mex. Most of the Mexican food in Manila is Tex-Mex. From stories before in another Mexican restaurant, true Mexican cuisine doesn’t even have burritos!). […]

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Solace Wine and Dine Restaurant Makati Philippines-8235

It is an unforgiving world out there. The working population is always battered with endless barrages of pressure, urgency, competition, and people who feel like they will be devoured if they do not do what is required of them. And that is just the commute to the office. It would be nice if each one […]

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Dillingers 1903 New Menu Greenbelt Makati City Philippines-7605

    The first visit to Dillingers 1903 in Makati City were due to a tip that it has some great value-for-money ribeye steaks, more authentic tasting buffalo wings, and a single-malt whisky selection that boasts more than the usual Johnnie Walker (Laprhoaig, anyone?). It did satisfy, and gave some new ideas about the less […]

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Hana Japanese Restaurant Little Tokyo Philippines-6303

  Little Tokyo (and its surrounding areas) is all about the magical and fascinating food from Japan. Quite frankly, though, it is the ones fronting the complex that get the most attention (Kikufuji and Seryna come into mind). But it is going inside where you will find other hidden gems. Take for instance : Hana. […]

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Burger Bar Restaurant Makati City Philippines-7452

  It’s been quite some time since a burger joint has been in topic here. While there are some that has its fans, it will be BRGR: The Burger Project and the sadly closed Boulevard Diner ( which has now morphed into Burger Company in Quezon City. Gotta schedule a visit ) where loyalties will […]

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Wingman at The Collective Malugay Makati City Philippines-6715

There was this errand for car repairs that needed to be done near the Malugay / Yakal Street area of Makati City to coincide with a lunch break, so it called for a quick, no-frills, comfort food lunch mission. Recently someone suggested to try out Wingman at The Collective. This was a familiar area, too, […]

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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Philippines-6890

Ramen is not much of a big deal here in En Route if you will read the articles in this site as of this posting. Pretty much the only places documented for ramen would be as that from Watami branches in the Philippines and the cult favorite Nomama Artisanal Ramen of Quezon City. Nomama is also […]

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Power Lunch Specials at Long Bar Raffles Hotel Makati Philippines-6676

Power Lunch is often defined as a somewhat high-level business networking / meeting / congregation over an extended lunch period. This lunch period can last somewhere to the tune of three hours, as you build your case or continue your networking engagements in the hopes of achieving results. Some even go all the way until […]

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Terry's Bistro Spanish Tapas Philippines

  This is a post that is over 10 years in the making. Funny how in all those 10 years, never brought a decent camera to the place, so all the pics are from phone cam takes over the past few years. It doesn’t do justice to how pretty some of the dishes are in […]

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Nihonbashi Tei Japanese Restaurant Pasay Road Makati City Philippines Cover

(Side note: Click this to open a new window to see an infographic on proper sushi etiquette.) Every time the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi strangely pops up as the movie of choice for a stay-in night at home, the crazy cravings for Japanese sushi just comes out and holds on to the taste buds […]

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Izakaya Kikufuji Japanese Restaurant Little Tokyo Makati Philippines Cover

You can rarely go wrong with any of the established Japanese Restaurants in Little Tokyo in Makati City. There will always be a natural tendency to weed out those that serve the same type of food that is inferior to its neighboring restaurant. And so it has come to pass that the frequent diners in […]

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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant in Manila Philippines Cover

And the inflow of foreign restaurant branches continue to pour into the Philippine food scene. For the last part of 2012 to early parts of 2013, Philippines based The Bistro Group of TGI Fridays fame has been busy bringing in and creating new restaurant concepts for the sit down, non pretentious casual diner. Modern Shanghai […]

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Dillinger's 1903 Restaurant Greenbelt Makati City Philippines Cover

UPDATE: New items that you can try in Dillingers 1903 (Including a big-ass Tomahawk Steak)   Dillingers in Greenbelt Makati has actually gained some popularity from the foodie and yuppie scene in Manila for quite some time already, with everyone raving about its sophisticated ambiance and authentic buffalo wings. But other than that, no one else […]

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Aquaknox Vietnamese Restaurant Closed Pasay Road Philippines Cover

This is a tribute to a Vietnamese restaurant whose value was overlooked until it has closed, and has morphed into something new somewhere else. Dear Aquaknox: Your grand looking restaurant with high ceilings to match your tasty Vietnamese cuisine will be missed from the streets of Pasay Road in Makati, where you have been replaced […]

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