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Tapenade Discovery Primea Makati City Philippines-1589

A few months ago, Tapenade, the first of many restaurants of Discovery Primea, opened to the public. Tapenade was to be a restaurant that features some inspirations of dishes that can be found in the Italian, Spanish, and Mediterranean regions. And with rave reviews from both blogs and printed media, who can’t not think of […]

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If there is one great suggestion for people who live in Metro Manila, it is to walk around the Makati Central Business district on a Saturday evening. You will really have a great time, with relatively blowing winds even at summer time, and you get to see the majestic buildings without being distracted by the […]

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71 Gramercy Makati City Philippines-2239

“See you at the top.”     To those who follow the Manila club scene, this statement is all too familiar. 71 Gramercy is the premiere club on the top floor of the highest building in the Philippines: Gramercy Residences. Named after the floor where it is situated, it has played host to the clubbing […]

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The World On Your Plate at Escolta The Peninsula Manila Makati City Philippines-8624

The Peninsula Manila has been one of the more top-of mind hotels lately for family staycations. Can’t seem to pinpoint the reason for such. It might be because of the excellent location at the Makati business district (which, by the way, is soooooo lovely to stroll around and discover some bars and restaurants on Saturday […]

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Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0786

This new coffee shop opened near the place of work, replacing the Italian restaurant that used to be situated in the Ecoplaza building in Makati City. Quite a good replacement, too! There really is not a decent coffee shop that is within walking distance at this place. Staple and Perk, though, calls itself a bakery, with […]

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East Cafe Rustans Department Store Makati Philippines-7812

It is obvious that Rustans is not the main shopping destination of the people behind this blog as it was only this year of 2014 was it discovered that there are restaurants in EVERY LEVEL of the Rustans Department Store in Makati. Well how about that? You don’t even have to leave a floor if […]

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Pivo Praha Czech Style Beers in the Philippines-9643

Check out these exquisitely packaged Czech Style beers. You will actually be surprised, also, that this is locally brewed in the Philippines, and they are great tasting brews! Pivo Praha was a concept between the owner of Bravo Best Foods and a consultant from the Czech republic to make craft brews that are suitable to […]

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Global Beer Exchange Cocktails by Jim 2014-9097

Jim has made some new stuff for the boozies out there. For those who don’t know Jim, Jim is the purveyor of fine craft beers in Global Beer Exchange, tantalizing the Philippine market with fine brews, showing that there’s more to beer than sheer intoxication and its yet to be proven problem solving qualities. He […]

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Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant Makati City Philippines-7352

  Chihuahua has gained its loyal band of followers. Some debate that it is the best Mexican restaurant in Manila (Chihuahua humbly proclaims it is not authentic Mexican but more of Tex-Mex. Most of the Mexican food in Manila is Tex-Mex. From stories before in another Mexican restaurant, true Mexican cuisine doesn’t even have burritos!). […]

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Solace Wine and Dine Restaurant Makati Philippines-8235

It is an unforgiving world out there. The working population is always battered with endless barrages of pressure, urgency, competition, and people who feel like they will be devoured if they do not do what is required of them. And that is just the commute to the office. It would be nice if each one […]

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Dillingers 1903 New Menu Greenbelt Makati City Philippines-7605

    The first visit to Dillingers 1903 in Makati City were due to a tip that it has some great value-for-money ribeye steaks, more authentic tasting buffalo wings, and a single-malt whisky selection that boasts more than the usual Johnnie Walker (Laprhoaig, anyone?). It did satisfy, and gave some new ideas about the less […]

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Here at En Route, it’s all about simple, homey, comfort food dishes that any man or woman is bound to love (this is also because this is the most we can cook with our current abilities. Those manchego souffles and tomato confit ala Lolo Dad’s still need to be practiced). But for this dinner set, […]

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Hana Japanese Restaurant Little Tokyo Philippines-6303

  Little Tokyo (and its surrounding areas) is all about the magical and fascinating food from Japan. Quite frankly, though, it is the ones fronting the complex that get the most attention (Kikufuji and Seryna come into mind). But it is going inside where you will find other hidden gems. Take for instance : Hana. […]

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Burger Bar Restaurant Makati City Philippines-7452

  It’s been quite some time since a burger joint has been in topic here. While there are some that has its fans, it will be BRGR: The Burger Project and the sadly closed Boulevard Diner ( which has now morphed into Burger Company in Quezon City. Gotta schedule a visit ) where loyalties will […]

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Exit Bar Speakeasy Makati City Philippines-7459

People who are in touch with the bar scene in Manila are wondering where Exit Bar is. So where is it really? Well…. we won’t tell you.     We won’t tell you that it is in Makati just walking distance from Greenbelt 1. We won’t tell you that it is through the Plaza Cafe […]

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Beef Beer and Bacon Party-7425

    Wagyu beef gets great raves for the meat tenderness and spectacular marbling. Literally translating to Japanese cow, wagyu is normally seen in the more high end steak shops (like Wagyu Stone Grill), and commands a relatively high price depending on the grade of marbling (probably due to import taxes and other duties). When […]

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