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It’s been long overdue as it is already past the second half of 2013. Nevertheless, it is a great way to recap some of the tasty memories of 2012 that are now probably lost in accumulated lipids. Started off as a criticism of how burgers are cheaper than salads, and now has morphed into a […]

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Irish Macaroni and Cheese With Stout-7437

First impressions when seeing a pint of Guinness is the anticipation of that refreshing moment as you drink a properly poured pint of this world famous beer.   First impressions when seeing a tray of Baked Macaroni with Cheese is tasty comfort food. Maybe good for those rainy days.   It is a far cry […]

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Power Lunch Specials at Long Bar Raffles Hotel Makati Philippines-6676

Power Lunch is often defined as a somewhat high-level business networking / meeting / congregation over an extended lunch period. This lunch period can last somewhere to the tune of three hours, as you build your case or continue your networking engagements in the hopes of achieving results. Some even go all the way until […]

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URBN Bar and Kitchen Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines-4254

      If you haven’t been to Fort Bonifacio over the past year, you will find that the old Pier One bar has now been replaced by a more permanent looking structure that houses some new goodies that is reviving that side of The Fort Strip. On the higher floors, URBN Bar and Kitchen […]

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After some reflection over a previous post, it does come out a little too “Negative” for what is normally placed in this blog. And so, with a change of heart, the whole thing will be changed to highlight the food that makes our lives all the better, even for that one second when it meets […]

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Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Cover

    If you get to step into the Marina Bay Sands shops in Singapore, the prestige and exclusivity just fills the air the moment you open those huge glass doors. It really is for the more discerning and aspirational market. Part of such attractions are not just the boutique clothing and accessory shops. Discerning […]

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Reopened Breakfast at Antonio's Tagaytay Philippines Cover

Fans of the original cliffside site of Breakfast at Antonio’s are rejoicing with its reopening. After all, it just died down without much reason, with some people who are not in the know thinking that it never got the same appeal as the Antonio’s Restaurant tucked away in the villages of Tagaytay.   But how […]

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14 Four Cafe Restaurant Art Gallery Taytay Rizal Philippines-0952 thumbnail

A cafe that’s perfect for long breakfasts or lazy afternoons is now open in Taytay, Rizal. Merging a furniture gallery with a cafe filled with comfort food, 14 Four Cafe is something to check out.

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En Route Stumbles Upon Route 66 of America Cover

Ah yes. The American open road. Songs and movies have been made, drawing inspiration from the dream of just riding it out from the West Coast down to the East, in search of new adventures. But depending on the place in America, most of the open road looks like this: There was this quote by […]

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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant in Manila Philippines Cover

And the inflow of foreign restaurant branches continue to pour into the Philippine food scene. For the last part of 2012 to early parts of 2013, Philippines based The Bistro Group of TGI Fridays fame has been busy bringing in and creating new restaurant concepts for the sit down, non pretentious casual diner. Modern Shanghai […]

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S&R Food

This was actually a question asked out of humor way before, but somehow seems to have been brewed up again in the brain when someone commented that Filipinos might turn obese in this conversation about the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) opening in the Philippines. Don’t get it wrong. IHOP opening in Manila is probably […]

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Mesclun Restaurant Linden Suites Ortigas Center Pasig Philippines Cover

When people first hear the term “hotel restaurant”, there are a few words that pop out: Exquisite Extensive Extravagant Exclusive Expensive After all, the very hotels that come into mind would be those like The Peninsula, Sofitel, Banyan Tree, or Shangri-La. So the restaurants that are associated with it such as Escolta, Spiral, Senju, Red, or […]

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Rainy Day Comfort Food Cover

As of 4:37 pm of August 7, 2012, the amount of rainfall that has poured over the Philippines was much more than the devastating typhoon “Ondoy” of 2009 (and that’s saying a lot since that storm submerged over half of Metro Manila). Hoping that the recent government information programs such as the MMDA Traffic Navigator, […]

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Gram's Diner's Famous Beef Tapa The Crossroads Bonifacio Global City Fort Bonifacio Taguig Philippines Cover

    It was unfortunate that only after  trying Gram’s Diner’s Lunch Special meal did other foodie raves come out about the diner: that one of the very things that should never be missed here is their Famous Beef Tapa (Yeah. That’s how it is written on the menu. Capital “F”). So like everything else, […]

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En Route Gram's Diner Ground Floor Crossroads 32nd Streeet Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig City Philippines Cover

In the Rockwell Center in Makati, there was this quaint little diner with bright colors and upbeat atmosphere that brings alive the heydeys of the 60′s and 70′s (Plus they had this great beer serving aptly called “Mugnanimus”). Gram’s Diner seems to be an institution in Rockwell, with its American Comfort Food selections flocked by […]

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En Route Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub Persian Food Restaurant Philippines Cover

Yes. Why would anyone go eat at Uncle Moe’s? Why would anyone want to be in a spartan concrete room adorned with heavy stroke paintings, walls echoing an eclectic mix of Sade’s Smooth Operator, TLC’s Creep, All Saint’s version of Under the Bridge, and then switches to “Homebase” from Cafe Del Mar’s 6th album? Here, […]

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