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Marmalade Kitchen Cooking Class Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9766

Your normal get-together with friends usually consist of either a night out with fine food and drinks, or at home, also with fine food and drinks. How about a gig where you get to cook some fine food? Yes, you can still have drinks while doing so. And it is quite fun and relatively easy […]

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Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar OTKB Bonifacio High Street Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9363

Something new is taking root in Bonifacio High Street. What used to be the old Stock Market, is this new, homey looking restaurant called Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar. People have taken into calling it OTKB, much to the proponents delight as it is their initiative to give it that moniker. Oh, and one of […]

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Burgers and Brewskies Restaurant Burgos Circle Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9349

How does one begin describing a very simple thing such as a hamburger, yet convince everyone that what you are sharing may be one of the best damn burgers in Manila? Maybe it is good to start that it is not found in the swanky places or five star hotels. Maybe it is good to […]

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Recovery Food Fort Bonifacio Philippines - DSC_0200

A few research on Recovery Food, and some reviews showed that it is comfort food from the same people that brought Mamou, serving nutrient packed food to cater to runners and health conscious fitness nuts that need that extra oomph to fuel their runs and sports activities. And that is why it is open 24/7 […]

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Wildflour Cafe Philippines DSC_0067

It had a good run. In the beginning of 2014, Wildflour Cafe announced that its version of the Cronut (Croissant-Doughnut) would take a bow and stop production for now come January 31, 2014. They said, and as quoted from their Faceboook Page: “ It’s been a wild, often back-breaking ride of creating frosting and flakiness for […]

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Silk Road Thai Bistro Restaurant Bar Fort Bonifacio Philippines-8287

October 25, 2013. The newest darling of Thai cuisine in Manila opened with much fanfare. Silk Road in Fort Bonifacio is the newest creation of Thai Cuisine Queen of Manila Cecille Chang. And wow was everyone excited and elated at this new restaurant. Chef Cecille has made her mark in the Manila food scene by […]

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Just came from Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar in Fort Bonifacio. Traffic has not really been favorable today (Heard tragic news of a bus that lost brakes and plowed through waiting pedestrians this morning. Very heartbreaking) and since it was not productive to be part of the rat pack on the road, it was better to […]

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Mad for Garlic Fort Bonifacio Philippines Cover

Does Mad For Garlic scare you? Does the doorway made of steel and glass look too bourgeois for the usual casual dinner fare? Does that wreath hung around an eerily glowing lamp make you imagine that there’s nothing more to the food here than the over-abuse of the acrid, pungent food flavoring bulb?   Do […]

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Cellar Nights Cocktails of Mad For Garlic Philippines-6534

You have to love a booming economy. Not only does it give a higher spending propensity to a majority of the hard working class, it also consequentially uplifts their quality of life and discernment for things they consume, as the market opens up to embrace more sophisticated lifestyle choices, which provides a more rewarding experience. […]

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Vask Tapas Bar and Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines Cover

After a Tapas Food trip in Barcelona, having more tapas bars in the metro is a welcome sight. You have probably heard it through the grapevine, if not the newspapers that have featured the latest and revolutionary restaurant that has taken the Manila food scene by storm. Vask Tapas Bar and Restaurant brings some Spanish cuisine […]

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Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines-6622

AS OF JANUARY 2014, IT WAS DISCOVERED THAT THIS PLACE HAS CLOSED When you mention Morocco, you get a lot of different (and sometimes quite confused) impressions of this land that is still mysterious to most of the Filipino population. Some say it is a Middle-east country (like Lebanese cuisine). Others say it is more […]

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F1 Hotel Manila Fort Bonifacio Philippines-6335 thumbnail

I’ve always loved hotels.  I love the little details they put into things like the way the pencil is placed at a certain angle on top of the notepad, how the robes’ arms are somehow tucked into its own pockets (despite the fact that I rarely use them and the most utility they have is […]

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Aubergine French Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines-6595

Finally! After so long…. Aubergine. Aubergine (French for eggplant) has been in Fort Bonifacio for quite a few years already, quietly hidden on the second floor of the 32nd and Fifth commercial complex. While everything around it has been constructed at a staggering pace, it’s been here all this time, quietly serving great haute cuisine. Sometimes […]

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It is great to be a Filipino these days. Something magical has happened ever since a new president has taken the helm (still highly debatable, but you can’t deny statistics). It feels like a long time coming, too. Filipinos are a proud race and are not afraid to show it, but it doesn’t seem as […]

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Seda Hotel Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines-4175

Staycations. In this hot and humid Philippine weather, who doesn’t want to have a quick overnight weekend respite while staying within the modern conveniences of the urban landscape? And so one weekend after a little research on what Seda Fort Bonifacio is all about, one weekend night was booked.     Seda (The Filipino word […]

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URBN Bar and Kitchen Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines-4254

      If you haven’t been to Fort Bonifacio over the past year, you will find that the old Pier One bar has now been replaced by a more permanent looking structure that houses some new goodies that is reviving that side of The Fort Strip. On the higher floors, URBN Bar and Kitchen […]

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