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Sarsa Restaurant's Sizzling Kansi Philippines-1231

Prepare to have your heart stopped… both figuratively and literally. So rare that a single dish deserves more than 500 words that usually is enough to describe a whole restaurant, but there are exceptions, both meals and desserts. Add this to that reveled list. Sizzling Kansi. What looks like just some usual bowl of chopped […]

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Barcelona 2013-5275

Barcelona. Home of the great works of Antoni Gaudi. His distinct buildings showing very human anatomical like structures abound, the most famous of which is one that is not yet even completed, La Sagrada Familia. But there is also other interesting things about Barcelona outside this area and the tourist infested Las Ramblas. While all […]

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If there is one great suggestion for people who live in Metro Manila, it is to walk around the Makati Central Business district on a Saturday evening. You will really have a great time, with relatively blowing winds even at summer time, and you get to see the majestic buildings without being distracted by the […]

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Madrid Fusion Manila-11

One of the places we have set our hearts to travelling to is Spain. Despite the fight for independence that history books say, we can’t deny that Spanish influence is still well- entrenched into our way of living up to now. Think siesta. But also think of all the menudos, mechados, asados, cochinillos…I could go […]

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More Gino's Brick Oven Pizza Philippines-2313

Forgive us if it is starting to sound like we are paid hacks of Gino’s pizza. After all, three articles is probably enough to make you think so: – The First Gino’s Pizza where we discoivered its Neapolitan style goodness – The Second Gino’s Pizza in Makati… – …and if you love Italian food have not eaten […]

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Central Hong Kong DSC_1382

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong was the base of operations for this 36 hour Anthony Bourdain style “The Layover” visit (which, included doing the same things as getting a suit made in ONE day and trying some mean roast goose)  (Which do you favor more for roast goose anyway? Yung Kee? Or Yat Lok?) This is […]


Step up your oral hygiene regimen with Listerine and enjoy more of what life’s flavors have to offer.

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Platters of the Americas at Diamond Hotel Philippines-8654

ALL THE STEAK YOU CARE TO EAT.       So few statements have that much impact to so many people. Not to isolate the people who don’t eat meat, but the carnivore craving in majority of the population speaks to an inner and very elemental essence in life: To be sustained to survive. Of […]

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Belgo Belgian Restaurant Covent Garden London-7210

Last night in London back in 2013 (with a planned lazy summer day at Hyde Park while waiting for the flight tomorrow), and it was time to meet some old friends who have been stationed in the city for quite some time. They suggested meeting somewhere in Covent Garden. Quite the interesting place. This one […]

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71 Gramercy Makati City Philippines-2239

“See you at the top.”     To those who follow the Manila club scene, this statement is all too familiar. 71 Gramercy is the premiere club on the top floor of the highest building in the Philippines: Gramercy Residences. Named after the floor where it is situated, it has played host to the clubbing […]

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London Underground AKA The Tube-6960

The London Underground. Locals fondly call it The Tube. It is a living and breathing being in itself where so much life happens. Being considered the oldest rapid transit system in the world, you can expect that it will have a character on its own.   Some parts are new, and some parts are so […]

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The World On Your Plate at Escolta The Peninsula Manila Makati City Philippines-8624

The Peninsula Manila has been one of the more top-of mind hotels lately for family staycations. Can’t seem to pinpoint the reason for such. It might be because of the excellent location at the Makati business district (which, by the way, is soooooo lovely to stroll around and discover some bars and restaurants on Saturday […]

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Il Ponticello has successfully reinvented itself recently, with a more grown up vibe coupled now with culinary reiterations of classic Italian inspired dishes fit for a more distinguished palate. It’s like the place grew up along with its old patrons, who are now looking for the finer things in life than the old buy-one-take-one shots […]

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Yat Lok Roast Goose Restaurant Stanley Road Central Hong Kong DSC_1392

Part of the En Route to Hong Kong for a 36 hour layover series: Have as much tasty roasted goose from the best rated places here. In previous visits, it was and always was Yung Kee as the default place the get roasted goose. Everyone knows it, and it has stood the test of time. […]

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Fireside by Kettle Mega Fashion Hall Megamall Philippines 03112015

In the past years, Kettle has proven to be one of the more popular casual restaurants in the metro, thanks to its food having familiar flavors but given little twists and flairs to make the taste unique but not veering far from its essence. Case in point? Their buttermilk fried chicken is the gold standard […]

HK Broadway One Day Made Suits Tailor Mirador Arcade Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

This man was recently referred to like how you pass on a family secret. Like passionate locksmiths or shoemakers that customizes for celebrities, such crafts have to be celebrated amid the onslaught of instant gratification brought about by the impulsive retail market of modern times. Nothing feels, fits, and makes one hell of a statement […]

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