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L'Astrance Michelin Restaurant Rue Beethoven Paris France_130411-thumbnail

Very few can say they walked into a 3-star Michelin Restaurant in Paris and one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Well, we can. Here’s our experience at L’Astrance, the best dinner we’ve ever had.

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Ways to Drink Tequila-0462

No one can deny the influential properties of tequila. Always revered in great times, and then some new article comes out that it helps weight loss. Can it get any better for tequila lovers? If you are one, here’s a chance to win some ultra premium tequila and shot glasses Just follow the raffle steps […]

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Motorino Pizza Now in Manila Philippines Grid 02

Yes. There are times when you just have to have that serene, me-time lunch. Just in the company of yourself and… a whole bottle of wine from Motorino? Basically what happened was that one type of wine was ordered, and the waitress pleasantly asked if it was for a bottle. Never knew my reputation precedes me, […]

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Mesclun Philippines Lush Hour 2014-0230

When the word “Lush” was being researched for this post, this is what Google gave as the formal definition:   And then there was the informal one: We will be focusing on the latter, particularly its use on the word “Lush Hour” Given some flexibility of defining this term, Lush Hour is now personally defined […]

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The Tipsy Cook Makes Bourbon Liempo-0185

In the beginning, there was Jack Daniels Baby Back Ribs And then the Tipsy Cook, while having a swig of beer said: “that Jack Daniels sauce was good” And in the abyss of drunken stupor, he said “That sauce can be good for any pork marinade” So, over the weekend, a marinade was made to […]

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A New Hungry Hound Fort Bonifacio Philippines-0115

There’s a new Hungry Hound in town. Well, to be specific, it is still the same Hungry Hound that is located at the Globe Tower in Fort Bonifacio. It has been open for nearly a year now. First time to try it was at a chance lunch sometime in December. Back then, well…. the kitchen […]

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Drink Up Philippines is happening this May 24, 2014. The biggest collection of artisanal beers, cocktails, fine food, fine music. Love alcohol and good food? This is  the celebration to go to. I mean, look at this!   Want to come in for free? Giving away to four winners two tickets each! Just follow the Rafflecopter […]

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Sea Bass Steak in Vermouth Pepper Sauce 2014-6

More stuff out of the Kitchen of Booze. And again, from a Gordon Ramsay recipe. If it is looking like we are becoming rabid huggers of his, well it is hard to look for a multi-Michelin star chef who makes enough simple-to-follow cookbooks and encourages people to try and tweak it to personal taste. And […]

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Sariwon Korean Barbecue Philippines-0004

Yes. Sariwon, a Korean restaurant chain that has existed even before Korea was split into two, marinades their meat (particularly their bulgogi) mainly with fruits. It started long ago with a wife who loved his diabetic husband so much that she figured that the best way to create that same sweetness without getting the complication […]

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Diamond Hotel Best of Filipino Cuisine May13-23-0077

Let’s get the facts straight on this Filipino buffet: It’s in a hotel that is known for having some of the best valued buffets in Manila (one visit from before proved it) It’s a buffet by some of the most talented chefs that have pushed the boundaries of Filipino cuisine. It’s limited from May 13 […]

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Brandy Chorizo Rice Stuffed Chicken-0038 4-frame picture grid

Lynne has come up with a good term for all the alcohol laden food prepared in the blog (from Jack Daniels baby back ribs to Mac n’ Cheese with Beer Sauce). And so with this, a new splinter segment debuts in En Route: The Tipsy Cook. First dish: Brandy Chorizo Stuffed Chicken This was actually […]

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Worship St Whistling Shop Speakeasy London-7090

It’s past midnight in London on a Saturday night, and most of the restaurants are closed, finding out the interesting way that most of them (even some pubs) only have a license to be serving until 11:00pm. And so, walking along the dimly lit yet charming streets to save on Tube fare, being led by […]

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Bono Gelato New Flavors Summer 2014-9988

Without a doubt, summer is on searing mode in Manila. It’s no wonder people flock to the malls more than ever. Serving as some sort of air-conditioned parks, malls in the Philippines like that of SM Aura provide entertaining real estate at comfort cooling temperatures. Still, some look for that extra kick in cooling down. […]

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Love Shack SM Aura Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9884

After that indulgence overload from Magnum Cafe, it was time for some meaty grub. It is quite acceptable to have desserts first before the meaty goodness after. Done that lots of times, and would like to think we turned out well. So one of the more distinguished food critics who joined us mentioned there is […]

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Marmalade Kitchen Cooking Class Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9766

Your normal get-together with friends usually consist of either a night out with fine food and drinks, or at home, also with fine food and drinks. How about a gig where you get to cook some fine food? Yes, you can still have drinks while doing so. And it is quite fun and relatively easy […]

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Casa Noble Tequila in the Philippines-9906

Look what came out of the occasional visit to the Rustan’s Supermarket’s liquor area: Casa Noble Tequila Tequila, personally, has always been a tricky liquor to deal with, as most of the exposure to this has been in the glorious youthful days where shots after shots are downed with reckless abandon. But something about this […]

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