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Marmalade Kitchen Cooking Class Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9766

Your normal get-together with friends usually consist of either a night out with fine food and drinks, or at home, also with fine food and drinks. How about a gig where you get to cook some fine food? Yes, you can still have drinks while doing so. And it is quite fun and relatively easy […]

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Casa Noble Tequila in the Philippines-9906

Look what came out of the occasional visit to the Rustan’s Supermarket’s liquor area: Casa Noble Tequila Tequila, personally, has always been a tricky liquor to deal with, as most of the exposure to this has been in the glorious youthful days where shots after shots are downed with reckless abandon. But something about this […]

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C Boutique Hotel Baguio City Philippines-6763

Some people have this question: How can one go to Baguio and stay hidden amid the quiet trees while not spending a fortune into country clubs and high star hotels? Well, there is this hidden gem near Mine’s View Park: C Boutique Hotel. It’s very specialized (or personalized if that is the more appropriate word), […]

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McDonald's Philippines Please Make Sausage Bacon McMuffin

Before everything else, credit where credit is due: This is an idea brought about by our good friends at The Pickiest Eater. Dear McDonald’s Philippines: We have discussed with our friends that the most logical product enhancement would be to add BACON to your breakfast muffins. I mean, if you did it to your burgers, […]

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Earth Kitchen Restaurant Katipunan White Plains Quezon City Philippines-7905

This has got to be one of the more pleasant finds form the past few weeks. Seeing Earth Kitchen in the White Plains area of Katipunan, you will think that it is a haven for the green loving, meat-repulsive friends of the community that normally go by the name of vegans. I mean, lookat it […]

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Magnum Manila SM Aura Sneak Peek-7921

When Magnum ice cream bar came to Manila, it came with one hell of a bang. Controversy followed suit about how can an ice cream bar elicit so much pleasurable raves and unforgettable indulgences. And they kept on coming with new flavors. Now, as if like to make the statement, The Magnum Manila Pleasure Store […]

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Gino's Brick Oven Pizza Makati Philippines-9808

If it is starting to sound like a hard sell (this is, after all, the second set of raves about Gino’s Pizza. First was for their very first store back in 2012), then we seek forgiveness. But feel sorry for yourselves also if you have not tasted their pizza yet. This is practically as close […]

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Discovering Canadian Wine Event Sage Makati Shangri-La Philippines-9743

This is something that not a lot of people know about Canada: They apparently make great wine. Most people know only of the famous Canadian Ice Wine, but being exposed to a few more of what they are able to produce in their side of the world offers insight on just how blessed this place […]

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Mesclun Bistro Eastwood Mall Quezon City Philippines-9673

Looks like the Mesclun brand is gaining legs and growing. The very first Mesclun branch was actually inside the Linden Suites, established some time late of 2012. Relatively hidden, those who took the effort to get to it though are rewarded with possibly the best sisig-cream pasta in the metro, partnered with comforting flatbreads and […]

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Mr. Beer Home Brewing Beer Kit-9793

We are taking this nerdiness on booze to the next level. Saw this while shopping around for stuff for the home. And it is absolutely necessary that a man have his own beer brewing kit. It is just the most logical evolution for a man who loves beer. Why not go make one this time […]

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Temptation for Two Cooking Class by Chef Romain Renard Makati Shangri-La Philippines-9608

This has got to be one of the sweetest things to happen for Makati Shangri-La this year of 2014. Joining their ranks is a world famous pastry chef. Romain Renard brings with him about 20 years of experience, most of it working in Michelin-rated restaurants and world renowned five-star restaurants. His portfolio extends practically everywhere […]

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how to apply for tourist visa picture grid 02

The trip is finally over. It has been one hell of a ride, and a dream come true for En Route. It is one thing that we look forward to doing again. And it is all but right to share any tips on how to be able to do our Euro Trip. This all starts […]

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How to Make French 75 Cocktail Drink-9659

When life gives you lemons, people say make lemonade. Some say make a gin and tonic. We prefer a French 75. This dates back to Pre-Prohibition era when World War I pilots from the United States brought back the drink. Why 75? It was named after a 75mm field gun used by the French. Must […]

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East Cafe Rustans Department Store Makati Philippines-7812

It is obvious that Rustans is not the main shopping destination of the people behind this blog as it was only this year of 2014 was it discovered that there are restaurants in EVERY LEVEL of the Rustans Department Store in Makati. Well how about that? You don’t even have to leave a floor if […]

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Namnam Filipino Restaurant Greenbelt Makati Philippines-thumbnail

Everyone will always like classic recipes. But people will also love creative twists even to their favorite dishes. Discover the twist they’ve developed for your favorite Filipino recipe at Namnam.

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Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar OTKB Bonifacio High Street Fort Bonifacio Philippines-9363

Something new is taking root in Bonifacio High Street. What used to be the old Stock Market, is this new, homey looking restaurant called Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar. People have taken into calling it OTKB, much to the proponents delight as it is their initiative to give it that moniker. Oh, and one of […]

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