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Il Ponticello has successfully reinvented itself recently, with a more grown up vibe coupled now with culinary reiterations of classic Italian inspired dishes fit for a more distinguished palate. It’s like the place grew up along with its old patrons, who are now looking for the finer things in life than the old buy-one-take-one shots […]

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Yat Lok Roast Goose Restaurant Stanley Road Central Hong Kong DSC_1392

Part of the En Route to Hong Kong for a 36 hour layover series: Have as much tasty roasted goose from the best rated places here. In previous visits, it was and always was Yung Kee as the default place the get roasted goose. Everyone knows it, and it has stood the test of time. […]

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Fireside by Kettle Mega Fashion Hall Megamall Philippines 03112015

In the past years, Kettle has proven to be one of the more popular casual restaurants in the metro, thanks to its food having familiar flavors but given little twists and flairs to make the taste unique but not veering far from its essence. Case in point? Their buttermilk fried chicken is the gold standard […]

HK Broadway One Day Made Suits Tailor Mirador Arcade Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

This man was recently referred to like how you pass on a family secret. Like passionate locksmiths or shoemakers that customizes for celebrities, such crafts have to be celebrated amid the onslaught of instant gratification brought about by the impulsive retail market of modern times. Nothing feels, fits, and makes one hell of a statement […]

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Saga Prefecture Wagyu Beef in the Philippines-1999

This is not the first time at House of Wagyu Stone Grill. In fact, House of Wagyu’s Eastwood branch has been a common place for the family to go if the demand for that occasion was to have one of the best tasting steaks in town. But this is the first time to try something […]

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The Quest for A Legend Remy Martin Louis XIII Philippines-1812

It all started with a simple phone call. Christophe Bourrie, Remy Martin’s ambassador for the Southeast Asian region, was making his rounds and discovering how some clients in the area have stored the precious Louis XIII cognacs as long as the 1940′s. It then gave him the thought that there might be someone out there […]

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Enderun Restaurant 101 Alumni Menu-1566

A fitting start to the year, Restaurant 101, Enderun’s application restuarant, invited alumni chefs to create their own items for the menu.

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Le Monet Hotel Baguio City Philippines-1219

A few weeks ago gave an opportunity to stay at the Le Monet Hotel in Baguio. This is one of the more known upscale hotels in the area, what more having it situated inside the Camp John Hay grounds. Returning back to Manila and missing the cool weather and scent of pine, it gave time […]

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Diageo World Class Bartender 2015 Philippines-1623

      Bartending and the art of mixology have gained a massive foothold in the Philippine food scene the past two years, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Proof of which are the opening of some of the places that puts more emphasis on the technique of the craft rather than the […]

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Modern Shanghai New Menu Items 2015-1360

Let’s do a quick statistic about China: 3,700,000 square miles, second in size only to Russia. 1.35 billion people population, second to none. 22 provinces, all with their slightly distinct cultures and practices. And with that, their version of Chinese cooking. Chinese cooking in the Philippines is mainly Cantonese style, the kind you will find […]

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This may sound like a biased opinion, given the fascination of ours for buffalo wings (we even made various recipes for it), but it really is high time that this makes a comeback. Enough with the milk tea and the ramens of the past two years (something that seemed really peculiar given how hot and […]

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Filipinized Bulletproof Coffee Using Laurin MCT-1412

Ever the fitness buffs, our friends Chuckie Dreyfus and wife Yen (The Tummy Traveler) sent a gift of this coconut based MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). It’s a food supplement based on coconut oils where the natural fats that it provides help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some people have actually taken this by the spoonful, […]

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Gefseis Greek Grill San Juan La Union Philippines-1037

More great food joints opening up in the surf spots in San Juan, La Union! It’s been a long time since the last visit here, and so many things have sprouted thanks to the popularity of the place… and not just to the local tourism market. A Greek man decided to settle down here and […]

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The Curator Cocktail Appreciation Session by Diageo World Class-1017

This list may be a skewed, one-sided reasoning given the penchant for the writers here for the delectable concoctions, but after some thought and a quick history with hands-on cocktail making hosted by Diageo Reserve for a select few individuals at The Curator in Manila, one must wonder why must everyone learn how to make […]

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The Tipsy Cook Makes Barako Wings-1033

New Year, and a good start too here at En Route. What better way than to turn the heat up in cold January than with a new addition to our buffalo wings recipes?? This recipe was inspired by a baked coffee wings recipe before, but the bittersweet taste will probably benefit with a bit of […]

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