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Ube Leche Flan-0855

Anghelica’s Desserts’ Ube Leche Flan cake is a sweet treat you have to try.

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Macarons from Cafe Macaron Fairmont Hotel Makati Philippines-1059

Just a small rave about Cafe Macaron: Here in Manila, this is simply one of the best macarons you will ever find. There’s a fine, delicate way of making these gems, and they got it down pat. Delicate almond crust, giving way to spongy, chewy interiors, then a final sink of the teeth into the […]

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Cointreau Mixology Competition Le Jardin Fort Bonifacio 11-25-2014-8248

How to begin describing this essential nectar of the cocktail gods? Cointreau is nothing new in this blog. Quite a few experiments with doing the proper cosmopolitan and the overly underrated French 75 have yielded very special tipples where using mere substitutes will never do (Believe us. We tried. We have seen the error of […]

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Staple and Perk Makati City Philippines - DSC_0786

This new coffee shop opened near the place of work, replacing the Italian restaurant that used to be situated in the Ecoplaza building in Makati City. Quite a good replacement, too! There really is not a decent coffee shop that is within walking distance at this place. Staple and Perk, though, calls itself a bakery, […]

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Hendrick's Gin at the Fairmont Makati-0671-2

This gin was quite unusual. While gin, most especially the London Dry variety, is characterized by the prominent taste of juniper berries, this craft, small batch of Hendrick’s Gin makes itself distinguishable among all the gins with its cucumber and rose petals scent and flavor. It’s really interesting, because this cucumber is starting to be […]

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Brewhaus Venice Piazza Grilled Gourmet Grilled Cheeses Philippines-0621

So much trends in the Manila food scene over the past few years that people have even rated that Manila is one of the best places to be a foodie. Yet, one thing seems to have been neglected in this deluge of gastronomic concepts. The simplest of comfort food, the grilled cheese, has been vastly […]

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Ginos Brick Oven Burrata Philippines

Foodies have probably heard of what a burrata is. And if you haven’t, and you are a lover of cheese, then you need to have one as soon as possible. It all looks quite simple: It’s like a giant ball of buffalo mozzarella.  But the treat lies the moment you pierce that gummy “skin”, and […]

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Mr Cochinillo Philippines-0510

The story of Mr. Cochinillo begins with a guy named Tinee, who he, himself, finds it funny given his how he says his build is quite deceptive of his nickname. Tinee’s passion started with lifestyle’s more exciting ventures such as photography and even as a DJ. He used to have a studio for these. One […]

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Granny's Old Fashioned Cocktail-0550

It actually came from an inspiration after re-reading nostalgic cider-filled memories of pubs in London, and a thought that cider might mix well with a bourbon based drink… …And then there was no cider. All that was left was apple juice. So, again, necessity being the mother of invention, and desperation being the mother of […]

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The Tipsy Cook Ginger Vodka and Gin Asian Beef Shank Stew-0446

Those cheap infusion liquors have gone a long way since the first experiment for cocktails. Now, with the lack of ginger, a ginger infused vodka normally used for Moscow Mule was mixed in a recipe that integrates Chinese Braised Ribs and Filipino Bulalo. And those orange and lemongrass components? Absolutely delicious when partnered with bird’s eye […]

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Calamansi Cheesecake Indulgence by Irene-0407

The Cheesecake Queen of Manila. After some research and no one seems to have that moniker as of this writing, it may be best to give it to the lady behind Indulgence by Irene. Time and time again, her cheesecake creations have constantly made it to the list of Manila’s best desserts. Starting with the […]

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Perfect Pint Fort Bonifacio Global City Philippines

Things really are picking up for the craft beer industry after that big Drink Up! Philippines event. People have a greater appreciation now of the bubbly brew and are now willing to explore the various crafts made by small breweries. Perfect Pint in Fort Bonifacio Global City is one of them, but this one focuses […]

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Fruits in Bloom Philippines-0186

Look at what came from the mail, courtesy of the great people from KTG! (For those curious about who KTG is, they are the group of some of the most prominent food and travel Philippine journalists and bloggers, and what’s good about this group is that they support various social and charity institutions of society! […]

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Wee Nam Kee Philippines New Dishes 2014-0552

Did you know: Aside from Singapore, the only other country that has a Wee Nam Kee is the Philippines? Yep. Due to passionate Filipino foodies, Wee Nam Kee of Singapore has determined that this is the best place to test their franchise system before expanding to other places around Asia. With several branches under the […]

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Remy Martin Louis XIII Resorts World Philippines-8089

Yes. It seemed surreal. This was shaping up to be something similar to that 650 Euro dinner at L’Astrance. A cognac that is out there in the market that has the value of rare gems. The bottle itself that is made from bespoke crystal makes up a fifth of its value, each bottle in itself […]

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Le Jardin French Restaurant Fort Bonifacio Philippines 2014-thumbnail

Whether you’re after the food or some rare boutique wines from France, Le Jardin in Fort Bonifacio will allow you to enjoy either while looking out over the city from their penthouse location.

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